RVHS Weekly Newsletter

January 22 2020

Teachers' Monday Office Hours

Mondays will have two purposes:

1. Meeting with Coaching Classes

2. Getting help during teacher office hours

9:40-10:10 - Coaching Class

10:15-11:15.- Office Hour - Cooper / Webb / Eagleton / Trout

11:15-12:15 - Office hour - Medina / Krefft / Jereczek / Tolbert / Razukas

12:45-1:45. - Office Hour - Adkins / Cunningham / Gonzalez / Shanahan

Office Hour Zoom links are on the RVHS Zoom Links page.

Partial Credit

A unique feature of Rancho Vista is the ability to earn partial credits. While students in classes at the traditional high schools either earn 5 credits or nothing, RVHS can award students individual credits if they have been earned.

If a student earns 70% or more overall as a final grade, they will earn all 5 credits (10 credits for seniors). However, rather than awarding a student an F with 0 credits for an overall score of less that 70%, teachers may assign credits for individual credits.

Looking at the sample shown below. The student has earned the following grades:

English 12A C for 5 credits (overall percentage is greater than 70%)

Intro to Art. C for 2 credits (overall percentage is less than 70%, but greater for units 1 and 2)

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RVHS Coaching Class

Every RVHS student is assigned a Coach to mentor them. Their schedule in Infinite Campus lists their Coach as the instructor in a Coaching Class. The class meets every Monday morning from 9:40-10:10.

Coaches will schedule either individual or small group meetings with their students once every two weeks during either 1st or 7th period. During these meetings Coaches and students will review student transcripts, discuss graduation requirements and explore career possibilities among other topics.

Employee Of The Week

Ms. Kristen Rice

Ms. Rice has dedicated the majority of her career here at Rancho Vista, she truly has a heart for helping students, no matter what they need. Kristen loves spending time with her friends and family. From hanging out with her mom or brother, to snuggling with her dogs, Ms.Rice enjoys people and having fun.

As most of you know Kristen is paid for being our school counselor but has done so many other jobs while working at Rancho. You might not know this but there have been times “way way” in the past when the Principals are not available and Rice had to be the acting Administrator for the day. She has worn many hats throughout her time at Rancho, from campus security, to substitute teacher, Infinite Campus troubleshooter, hall monitor, social worker, police officer, problem solver, class scheduler and many more, but the one hat that has made the most impact for peers and students alike, is FRIEND.

When you talk to Kristen you can tell that she is a great listener and genuinely cares about what you have to say. She tells you like it is, and she’s not keen on sugar coating things in life. Doesn’t matter if you are a student or adult. All of the students love Ms. Rice to the point of making up reasons just to go see her in the office. When students come back to campus after graduation they always ask to talk to Ms. Rice. She always remembers them and their stories and that just goes to show the impact she has on the campus. Lately, Ms. Rice has been putting in long hours because we just started a new semester and had a plethora of students transfer to Rancho. Ms. Rice has taken time to personally work on all of the students class schedules so that they can all be on track to graduate. She answers calls late into the night, and calls them individually on her off time to follow up. Additionally, she is working on creating Zoom meetings to meet face to face with the students. Kristen you are doing a fantastic job and it shows. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our staff and students. Kristen Rice you are the employee of the week. Great Job!


Artemio Lopez-Lopez (Junior)

Junior has been turning in all his assignments and doing his best. If he is unable to attend a Zoom meeting he is in contact with me. He has difficult challenges that have forced him to take over his family's business and despite that is doing his best to continue pressing forward with school.

Ember McClaughry

Ember is a great example in my class. Ember is one of very few students that has her camera on from login to logout, and is staying on top of all of the work in my class. Not to mention having a great attitude. Ember has also shown a willingness to step out of her comfort zone and verbally answer questions during whole class discussion. Keep it up Ember, you are an asset to RVHS!

Michael Crane

Michael is a rock star! He shows up to most meetings with his camera on. He completes all of his assignments, and he puts effort and thought into what he does. He understands the importance of a high school diploma, and that it is the stepping stone to open many doors of opportunity in life. He is pleasant, congenial, and truly enjoys and appreciates Rancho!

Birthdays To Celebrate

Brenda Trujillo-Rendon 1/23

Joel Huerta Tafoya 1/25

Amaya Manuel 1/27

Christian King 1/27

John Blanchard 1/27

Thomas Higgs 1/28

Elizabeth Santiago 1/29

Jonah Santiago 1/29


Attendance Line 951-294-6302 or email cavalos@tvusd.us. Please make sure to clear all absences. Thank you.

Books and IPad Pack

If you have not picked up your books or iPad yet please come between 8-11:30 am Monday through Friday and Ms. Cammie will get you taken care of. Please enter from the back gate by the bus loop and lower parking lot. Remember to wear your mask and social distance from others. See map below.
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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary to Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistance Principal Tim Mann