Cornell Class Councils

Some random things to share...

Movies on the Quad

Just a reminder:

Class of 2015 --- be there at 7 pm to help set-up. This includes getting tables from the office to bring to the site; assisting screen/project. sound and popcorn setup; bring blankets out to quad for distribution, setting up previews to show.

Class of 2016 -- be there at 8:30 to start making popcorn and passing it out.

Class of 2017 -- be there at 9pm to monitor movies and pick up trash throughout the movies.

Class of 2018 -- Meet at 1am by projector and screen to start packing up equipment and cleaning up any left over trash.

THANK YOU!!!!! Publicity for this event is AWESOME!!


The following people need to fill in their info on the roster:

Alanna Perlin
Angelica Cullo

Hudson Buzby

Lindsay Holmberg

Alise Hur

Lindsay Hochberg

Ali Schur

Omari Powell

Terence Looi

Isabella Mongalo

Franklin Yang

Brendon Frankel

Joe Coleembe

Noah Chovanec

Rebecca Shohet

Pooja Maheshwan

Grace Park

Madison Swallow

Lauren Slowskei

Daniel Engelson

Bianca Viscusi

Emily Slifkin

Vindhya Rao

Aetheline Chua

SJ Munsi

Letitia Chai

Robin Wang

Maria Cielito Robles

Xianing Wang

You can use this link to update! Thanks!!

Class Council Committees and Task Forces

If you would like to join any of these groups below, let me know and I will add you. Bolded people are the leads and organize the group. Each group should have two members from each class council. If you don't see your council represented-- get on it and send some people!!

Homecoming Event: Meetings TBD
Huson Buzby, Iyore Olaye, Tephanie Chow, Kristen Vilkens

Media Campaign and Logo Development:
Alope Media 4:35 Libe Cafe
Omari Powell, Terence Looi, Hannah Kim, Yunah Kang, John Lowry

Elections and Recruitment Task Force (Not Elections Committee as that membership is dictated in the constitution): Meeting TBD
Brandon Pierotti, Chandler Waggoner

EZ Roots: All of 2018! Meetings TBD

2018 Talent Show Assistance: Upperclass council 2 reps each--
Rachel Price, Sydney Reade

REMINDER: No meeting on Monday! Have a great week!!!