The Steam Engine

By Ty Lawson


It was part of the Industrial Revolution. The miners was having trouble going though the mines. One of the innovations was that it would have to have steam to make it work than the previous models.

How did it Effect the Economy?

The Steam Engine wasn't cheap Because of the metals that it needed. It also boosted production with its' delivery time and it could hold more resources.

How did it Effect the Environment?

How the Steam Engine effected the environment is that it polluted the environment with its' steam having lots of chemicals.. Also it used a lot of water, which you need to have to make it run.

How did it Effect People's Culture?

The Steam Engine effected the way people worked because they are not used to working with Steam Engines. Also people wanted to use it for the mines to transport materials out of the mines.

How did it Effect Politics?

The Steam Engine started a big business with transportation. Also it made a lot of money for the government to buy more Steam Engines and make them better.

How did it Effect the Society?

Some people lost their jobs because people don't need wagons anymore for long trips. The Steam Engine made transportation faster.