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You Can Trust A Mustang ,Volume 1 Number 6

No kind action ever stops with itself. ... ~ Amelia Earhart.


If you or someone you know is being bullied, and you would like to report them to the principal, you can find the link on the BMS website. It is listed under “Contact Us” entitled “Bullying Complaint Form.”

FUN FACT: The 5 Olympic rings stand for all 5 continents, and the color resembles one that is in their flags (Americas are combined, Antarctica is not included)

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COA Awareness Week

Do you know what COA stands for? It stands for Child Of Alcoholic/Addict. Did you know that most celebrities and important people were a COA? For example, William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton was a COA? “I had some understanding my stepfather was a good man and couldn’t whip his drinking problem…” he says. A Miami Heat player of the NBA named Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr.

He says “Early on my mother fell victim to drug abuse… And if she didn’t come home, I’d go upstairs and I couldn’t sleep. Not knowing whether my mom was going to be alive from day to day.” If you are ever struggling with alcoholic or addicted parents, talk to Mrs. Amoroso on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Newspapers For Grace!

“Creative takes Courage.” -Henri Matisse

Mr. Grace is still collecting newspaper from students for paper mache. If anyone can donate some spare, not needed newspaper you can donate it in the cafeteria or in the office. Please make sure that you don’t have color ads in the newspapers. Only black and white, please. Thank you.

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Our middle school has a newspaper club that meets once a week. We are in the beginning stages of writing an online school newspaper.