By: Mackenzie and Emmalee

6 Steps to be Naturalized:

1. Be qualified/eligible to apply for citizenship.

2. Complete an application.

3. Attend an interview.

4. Take a Civics/English test.

5. Take an oath of loyalty.

6. Become a citizen!

Losing your Citizenship:

- Also called denaturalized.

- You can be denaturalized if you deceive or lie during the naturalization process.

Illegal Aliens:

A person who enters the United States with the intention of staying, without having the proper paperwork and documentation to be an immigrant. They avoid "inspection" so that they will not be caught.

Legal Aliens:

A non-citizen who has the proper documentation to stay in the United States. They can live as permanent residents, work, and be tourists without having to worry about being deported.
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