Once in a Lifetime

Every girl's dream is to find the love of their life. I wanted a perfect ending, so let's see how far it will go.
It was the summer of 2016...the sun was sinking and the moon was rising. Everything was going swell and I was fixing to have an adventure of a lifetime at a One Direction concert. My friends Olivia, Hailey, Symore, Rikki, and I were stoked to find out "the news."
Since we were the first in line for tickets, we all got to go backstage to see the band. When I found out this news, I nearly fell over in shock.
We walked into the gates of the Woodlands Pavilion, and they escorted us to the front of the T-shirt booth. They allowed us each to get a shirt of our choice. Finally, they took us backstage to see the boys. We got up there and One Direction ran up to us to introuduce themselves. Which was quite ironic, since almost every little thing about them. The rest of the concert we were hooked by there sides. The memory was not about who was with who, but the once in a lifetime chonce we got to be with One Direction.
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