Chicago Blackhawks

By:Shawn Merrell

Its all about the game

The Chicago Blackhawks are a world known hockey team in this edition will be taking a look at there history, but first lets break this down. Some southern states or some other people may ask what is hockey? Hockey is sport where players where heavy padding and skates they play on ice with two nets and a array of red circles. It is a five on five with two defense and three offense. The circles are used for face-offs. A face off is where a ref drops a puck in the middle of the circle and two opposing offense men battle for it this happens when the goalie holds the puck, icing is called, or offsides is called. The goalie guards the net with his large pads attempting to block the pucks flying off players sticks. The number of players on a team can range from 10 to 15 the players who are not on the ice wait on the side patiently. if a player is acting rotten they could get a penalty for 2 minutes so then his team would down a player. If a puck makes it in the net thats a goal and who ever has the most goals win. Now you know the basics lets talk about the Hawks
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A trip through Hawks history

Chicago has achieved many great things these are some of there outstanding achievements. Chicago was named best sport city in 2006 for there hockey team. In 1926 the Hawks became a reality and is now known as one of the original six. They also had an outstanding performance there first game crushing Toronto 4-1, and they finished third.But there second season was a different story they finished among last. Another interesting fact is they have skated under a curse a curse for forty years. Supposedly an old coach that got fired said that they would never get first again. Then in 1933 the Hawks became an a elite team. After that in the 1934 to 1935 season the Hawks one the cup for the first time against the Detroit Red Wings. Now lets talk about the players for a little bit. Bobby Hull still remains the Blackhawks number one goal scorer,Mike Karakas one the rookie of the year award in 1936, and the goalie who lead them to there first stanly cup was named Charlie Gardiner he only let in 80 goals in a mere 48 games.