Articles Of Confederation....


Articles Of Confederation..........

Americas first attempt to create a was made to be weak,the audience was students of history and they made a cartoon to help students understand why the articles failed it was the worst constitution.
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strengths of the articles

one strength was the governed nation during the revolutionary war it was a strength because they had a lot of advantage also another one was negotiated the treaty of paris 1783 becauseof paris,
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the weakknesses of the articles

An approved version was sent to some states ratification in 1777.And a formal ratification by all (13) states.they also had no money they had a weak government.They had no respect
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strengths of north west ordinance

it made it easy for us to add states it created a system,slavery is banned in the territory..when the pop reaches 60,000 can apply to become a state and they help made states
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shays rebellion

it had a weak central govt. it also had no money no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.boundary disputes states they also had no respect from anybody because they had no money money=respect shays rebellion was a big thing...