Joe and The Animals Secrets

One day, Joe the elephant was drinking water from a watering hole. His friend Jeremy the Rhino walked over to him and started telling him all about the animals of the Jungle, Plains, Water, and Deserts. The elephant was very shocked that Jeremy was telling secrets but he listened anyway. One day Joe was talking to Masie and telling her all of the secrets when poof!! Masie turned into the wise old witch that watched over all the animals. She told Joe that he needed to think about what he was saying and to stop telling secrets or he would be severly punished. So hoping Joe would stop she gave him 1...2...3... chances. After she left Joe went home to bed.

The next morning Joe was playing a game with his friends. He remembered a secret that was too good! He just had to tell it. So he told all his friends slithery snakes secret. Masie sitting in her castle sighed heavily and made a tally. Then suddenly Joe felt very sick and went home. His mom gave him his favorite food of hazelnut soup to make him feel better. Then Joe not knowingly told his mom a secret about pink parrot. A second tally was put on Masie's board. Joe's soup suddenly turned into parrot feathers. Then came a knock at the door. It was Jeremy asking for some salt. Joe handed him the salt and said " Guess what! Masie the bird is the witch on the hill!" Then remembering that was his third strike he slammed the door on his tusk causing it to break in half. he staggered backwards with shearing pain ran into the table and his soup of feathers went everywhere! Then he fell down the stairs leading to the celler and broke his trunk! Masie sighed as she shook her head and wondered if he would ever stop telling secrets.
Life lesson: Think before you speak.