Lawrence Starkman

Lawrence Starkman: General Partner

Lawrence Starkman: MAI

Lawrence Starkman is a highly skilled and reputable real estate professional who has his hands in al different sections of real estate deals and developments, including appraisals. He holds a MAI membership with the Appraisal Institute, which is a designation for those experienced with the evaluation of commercial, residential and other such properties. He is highly qualified to advise clients on real estate decisions.

Lawrence Starkman: A Rewarding Experience

Lawrence Starkman is a professional real estate executive who is dedicated not just to improving his own business, but the state of the world and humanity at large. Lawrence says that though the business aspect of real estate has always interested and intrigued him, his true motive has always been to aid in the improvement of a community. Lawrence says that proftis are always nice, but not nearly as satisfying as watching a location grow and prosper with a little love and care. Lawrence says that it is experiences like this that are often the driving force for what compels him to get up every morning and go to work with a smile on his face. Lawrence is a firm believer that you only get out what you put in, and that the success of a location solely hinges on how much effort he and the neighboring community is capable of putting in.

Lawrence Starkman says that the most rewarding thing you can experience as a real estate executive agent, is to watch a location start from nothing, and grow at an unprecedented rate, exceeding all expectations. Lawrence says that it is humbling to witness the phenomenon of growth, especially when you factor in the human element. Lawrence says that when he helps a family moves into the neighborhood, there is almost an instant effect on the area, one that is more often good than bad. Lawrence says that each family contributes to the overall well being of a community, and that becomes apparent when you work in the real estate industry for as long as he has. Lawrence only hopes that the future holds more rewarding and satisfying experiences for both him and the communities around him, and that he can help improve the world one property at a time.

Lawrence Starkman’s Favorite Artists

Lawrence Starkman is a man who appreciates the creativity and talent of others. He is a big fan of the arts, and often attends exhibits, fairs, auctions and other such events that display the work of local and globally-recognized artists. He is a collector of fine pieces and focuses on the ones that speak to him most. Because of this, he has developed a niche with paintings as his favorite form of art, and has consequentially been able to narrow down his favorite artists of all time, below, he shares his top three and speaks about what they do that connects with him.

Salvador Dali

Known for his eccentric and mind-bending work, the Spanish painter Salvador Dali was a pioneer in the surrealist movement with his bizarre, yet colorful and mind boggling paintings. Lawrence Stark’s most favorite Salvador Dali painting is Les Elephants, a picture of two dramatically tall and bow-legged elephants in a desert landscape.

Pablo Picasso

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in an art class is familiar with Pablo Picasso’s name. Picasso was also a Spaniard, but his style of work was much different from Salvador Dali. Picasso is known for pioneering the Cubits movement, where tiles of color and design are shifted together as part of a larger picture.

Vincent Van Gogh

Perhaps to most famous painter that’s ever lived, and most certainly the most famous post-impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh’s work is among the most referenced of all artists ever. He is most known for Starry Night and The Scream, his two most prized creations.

Lawrence Starkman on the Rules of Handball

Lawrence Starkman is a handball enthusiast who enjoys playing the sport at his local YMCA. With origins dating all the way back to the Roman Empire, handball is been tailored and developed into a worldwide organized and marketable sport. Below, Lawrence Starkman shares the rules of his favorite sport so that others will be more educated and perhaps curious about trying the sport for themselves.

First, there are seven people to a team: six field players and one goalkeeper. Two teams play against each other on a court that is often the same hardwood material as a basketball court, however is slightly larger in surface area. There is one ball and the point of the game is to score points by throwing the ball into the other team’s goal. The game play is much like that of soccer or field hockey, with all players in action throughout both of the 30-minute halves.

The game is started with a coin toss to determine who gets the ball first. Then, a throw-off takes place, where one of the players on the starting team passes the ball into the court towards one of their teammates. Players are allowed to run with the ball for three steps or hold it for three seconds before passing or shooting. Defenders are allowed to make contact with their torsos only, much like basketball players. When penalties occur, the referee may pull a yellow or red card. Fouls can also result in free throws for the other team.

Lawrence Starkman on Hunting in Illinois

Lawrence Starkman is a skilled hunter who enjoys getting out in nature to gain an intimate knowledge of his prey. Whether it is by a shotgun, rifle or bow, he is capable of catching a variety of game in a matter that is humane and valid. He may enjoy the sport of hunting, but at the end of the day it’s more about filling his freezer with food. Below, he shares some basic information on the game that is available in Illinois, and what is favorite catches are.


Illinois has a large deer population, with whitetails occupying most of the state’s deep forests. Bucks are also fairly common for those lucky enough to bag one and fulfill their meat needs for the winter with just one kill. Deer are one of Lawrence Starkman’s favorite animals to hunt because it maximizes his time in the woods.


Turkeys and turkey hunting have a fascinating history in the state of Illinois. At one point early settlers had cleared all the turkey in the state, leaving none for hunting or breeding up until the last century, where populations were reintroduced into habitats and hunting seasons for them reopened.


While drainage has threatened many of Illinois’ wetlands over past years, there are still some areas that are wet and rich with waterfowl. Lawrence Starkman enjoys a nice day in his boots out in the wetlands, with a shotgun loaded with birdshot and a dog for retrieving. Waterfowl hunting in Illinois is one of the most popular forms of hunting.

Lawrence Starkman in His Down Time

Lawrence Starkman is a man who keeps busy. With his successful and highly demanding career as a real stature executive and Chairman of the Board for Sherwin Real Estate, Inc. and Illinois Appraisal Services, he already has plenty on his plate professionally. He is also actively involved in the community, helping outreach efforts around his area. His free time is split up between active and non-active hobbies so that he can keep his body and mind in good shape while also being fully regenerated for the next big challenge. Below, he shares some of the things he does to recharge his batteries while also benefitting from pastimes.


Lawrence Starkman is a certified bookworm who spends much of his down time deeply immersed in the words and thoughts of authors. His favorite subject is history, and he often chooses novels that revolve around true stories, no matter whether there is a fictional plot twist or not. He is such a fan of the genre that he embraces all angles that writers approach on this subject.

Fine Art

Also a huge fan of the arts, Lawrence Starkman likes to visit art galleries, shows and auctions to view the incredible works put on display. With his work in real estate he developed a love for the design and aesthetic of an architect’s work, which translated into that of an artist’s brush. He collects paintings and other works from esteemed artists in his area to support local talent while also fulfilling one of his favorite interests.

Lawrence Starkman - A Reader

Lawrence Starkman is a firm believer in the idea that a man who reads, is one who can live a hundred lives, where as a one who doesn't, can only live one. Lawrence is an avid reader and literary enthusiast, one who can just as easily find himself lost in a history book as he can a fantasy novel. Lawrence says there is a vast and numerous amount of worlds out there, all of which can be accessed by doing nothing more than picking up a book. Lawrence says that each story has its own unique setting and atmosphere, and the lessons within can always be applied to the life you live now. Lawrence says that reading is not just good for entertainment, but a way to keep the mind sharp and keen. Studies have shown that reading even helps to prevent cognitive decline and slow down the mental aging process, preventing debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Lawrence Starkman says that one of his many professional secrets includes him scouring all over the place for books on the subject of economy or real estate. Lawrence says the most important thing about books, is to recognize their potential for learning. Lawrence says that he has improved much professionally simply by being an avid student who self teaches by devouring any professional real estate related book he comes across. Lawrence says that even books that seem unrelated such as history and politics are quite valuable to him in his profession, as knowing the fundamentals of both history and politics can be applicable with many property acquisitions he experiences today. Lawrence says that a day spent reading, is never a day wasted, but a day learning.

Lawrence Starkman - Handball

Lawrence Starkman is a man with many hobbies and interests, whether it be hunting in his home of Illinois, or giving back to his community in the form of charitable contributions. One thing is certain, you can always count on Lawrence to be active, to be moving. When it comes to sports, there is no exception. Lawrence loves many sports, but one he dedicates the most time to is handball. For those unfamiliar with handball, it is very similar to tennis, except instead of hitting over a net, it is against the wall, and hit with your hand instead of a racket. Handball is a very unique sport as it can be played by yourself, with two, three, or even four people. Handball also has a very rich and unique history, one embedded deep into world history. Some handball references, or at least games similar to it, have been made as early as the times with the ancient Egyptians. The great Greek poet Homer even mentions a similar game in some of his writings.

With such a rich history, it is no wonder Lawrence Starkman is so interested in handball, as he is also a big history buff. Lawrence says the game is a lot of fun, and not so competitive that it is all consuming, but enough so that it keeps the mind actively engaged and occupied. Lawrence says what he loves most about the game is that it is safe and family friendly, so you can play it with children of many ages. Lawrence says that handball is a great game to play at reunions, as no one has to be excluded from the game as it is not high impact and it has a low level of intensity, making it fun for everyone.

Lawrence Starkman - A Community Advocate

Lawrence Starkman isn’t all about the money. As an esteemed real estate agent, he is dedicated to improving the world around him. While the real estate business has always intrigued him, Lawrence says that his true interests in the industry lie in his ability to help a community improve and thrive. He says that while the profits he makes as a real estate agent are nice, seeing a community thrive is more satisfying. Seeing a community thrive has become the driving force behind his unparalleled work ethic. Lawrence, an advocate for community involvement knows that the success, or failure, of a location is determined by the amount of effort the community is willing to dedicate to improving the neighborhood.

There is nothing more rewarding for Lawrence Starkman than watching a community start with nothing and grow into a thriving neighborhood, exceeding all expectations. As a real estate agent, Lawrence is always humbled when he is witness to this kind of phenomenal growth. Throughout his long career as a real estate agent, Lawrence has observed the instant effect a family has on a neighborhood when they move into it, each contributing to the overall well being of the neighborhood.

When you have worked in the real estate industry as long as he has, Lawrence says you can see the impact your hard work and dedication can have on a community. Lawrence is hopeful that the remainder of his career as a real estate agency holds just as many rewarding and satisfying experiences as his previous years.

Lawrence Starkman - Exercise Fanatic

Lawrence Starkman knows that staying fit is an important part of life. As a real estate executive, Lawrence knows that the upkeep and maintenance that you have to partake in with a property also applies to ones own body and mind. Just like a building, a body needs to undergo the physical renovations in order to keep it looking good on both the exterior and interior. For Lawrence, the best way for him to keep his body in top performance is to partake in daily morning runs or walks, because he is of the philosophy that a body in motion, stays in motion. Lawrence also believes that by keeping his body in good working order, he is keeping his mind sharp as well, as the two are closely connected. The key to living a balanced life is ultimately centered on a healthy diet and exercise according to Lawrence.

Playing various sports and hunting whenever the opportunity presents itself are just a few of the other ways Lawrence Starkman likes to stay in shape. Navigating through the rough and often times, dense terrain can be both physically and mentally challenging. Lawrence says he must keep his mind sharp and his body on alert as he stalks his prey. Lawrence also loves a good game of handball. Handball is a game that forces Lawrence to focus on his hand eye coordination and helps him to improve his reaction time, keeping his mind focused and sharp. Keeping active is something Lawrence will continue to do for the rest of his life because simply put, a body is designed to stay in motion and not doing so is going against the grain.

Lawrence Starkman - Collecting Fine Art: Is The Piece Significant?

Building a collection of fine art can be a great investment and a fun hobby. But with so much art out there to purchase, it can be difficult to choose one piece over another. Doing some research into an artist’s background, previous work, and getting opinions from experts can help you decide which artist to invest in. Now that you have found the right artist, how do you pick which piece from them you want to buy? Lawrence Starkman enjoys collecting fine art in his spare time and does research about each artist before choosing to invest in their work.

First start off by looking at the widest range of the artist’s work as possible. Contact the artist directly, if possible, to see where their work is showcased. Or talk to the seller about where other pieces can be found. Look online and search in galleries for pieces by the artist to see a range from their entire career to determine which pieces interest you the most. The more pieces you are able to see, the more you can understand about the artist.

When looking at each piece, inspect every part of it possible. Look at more than the front of the painting. Examine the sides, back, and edges of the piece. Inspect any writing, signatures, labels or stickers anywhere on the piece. Look at the construction of the frame and canvass. Ask the artist or seller for an explanation of any details you have a question about. Especially if you are able to speak with the artist, this step can help you learn a lot about their methods and thought process to their art. You will also be able to see their passion, or lack thereof, for their art.

Next, you will want to determine if the piece if a major or minor work and when it was produced during their career. There can be differing value for pieces produced at the beginning, middle and end of an artist’s career or from a well-known period in their career. This will also allow you to align what the artist was feeling with the emotion you want the art to convey in your collection. For example, if a piece that may look happy to some was created during a tragic period in the artist’s life you will have the proper connect for the piece and understand the true meaning behind it by doing proper research into its background.

Lawrence Starkman
collects many works of art and likes to learn about the history behind them.

Lawrence Starkman - How to Improve Concentration and Focus

Many adults and children struggle to concentrate and focus. This can have negative effects on school or work as well as your relationships and can lead to issues with self-esteem. It is more common than ever with the fast-paced, constantly multi-tasking world of today to have issues focusing. With so many screens demanding our attention and so many other fun things to do, it can be hard to devote any amount of your time on a single activity. Reading is an easy and inexpensive way to combat this problem with attention. Lawrence Starkman has seen the positive effects of reading.

Reading a book for less than thirty uninterrupted minutes a day can work wonders for your concentration and focus. Allowing yourself to get lost into a book and get wrapped up in the story it is telling helps your mind distress and gives it a break from the demands of multitasking.

Multitasking isn’t good for your brain or your productivity. There is a serious drop in productivity when you try to focus on more than one thing that not only leads to slower completion of tasks but less effective completion as well.

Try reading for 15-30 minutes before heading to work or school instead of over-stimulating your brain with multiple tasks and you will be surprised at how much more you are able to focus on each task you must complete. Lawrence Starkman is an avid reader and enjoys learning about a variety of new topics, like history, art, and sports.

Lawrence Starkman - Must Read Book - The Great Gatsby

There are so many great books out there to read, how do you narrow down the list? There are some books that are make the list of books you must read over and over again. That is probably a good place to start. The Great Gatsby will more than likely be on every list out there as it is considered a classic book by many. Often assigned to students in middle or high school, this book is a great read for anyone that loves the glitz and glam of the 1920s or that just loves a well-told story. Lawrence Starkman likes to read many classic novels.

Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, The Great Gatsby explores that fascinating world of Jay Gatsby and the over the top Jazz Age. A sad story by some accounts, Gatsby is able to have so much of what he desires in life, except for love. The story tells of his ever-reaching quest for the one thing he desires most and gives a look from the outside of a lonely man’s life who many think, has it all.

The Great Gatsby is a great book to re-read as an adult if you were required to read it in school. Years of experience in life can give a different perspective to the story than you may have had as a teenager. It may just help you realize some things about the goals you are chasing in your own life and whether they are what you should be dedicating your time to.

Lawrence Starkman is an avid reader and likes to learn about a variety of topics.

Lawrence Starkman - Handball Basic Play

​Handball is an exciting team sport played around the world with a rich history. It is most popular in Europe, where most of the champion teams are located but is also commonly played in the Far East, Brazil and North Africa. The rules are laid out by the International Handball Federation. Lawrence Starkman likes to play handball whenever he gets the chance.

Each team consists of seven players, six that are on the field and one goalkeeper. Each game is between two teams where players attempt to score points by getting the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Players are allowed to pass, shoot or keep possession of the ball. If they have possession, they must dribble (similar to basketball) in order to keep the ball. They are allowed to take up to three steps or three seconds without dribbling.

Field players are not allowed to touch the floor in the goal area, which is about six meters to the goal. A shot or pass is allowed to be made in the goal area if they are completed before the player touches the floor. Goalkeepers are allowed to leave the goal area but cannot cross the boundary with the ball in hand. The ball is not allowed to be passed back to the goalkeeper while they are in the goal area.

Handball is a very fast-paced sport that typically lasts for two thirty minute periods. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins. Because of the unique goal area, players will sometimes launch themselves into the air over the goal area and pass or shot the ball before they hit the ground.

Lawrence Starkman likes to play handball to stay fit and active.

Lawrence Starkman - Desirable Neighborhoods in the Chicago Area

As a real estate broker, manager, and appraiser based in Chicago, Lawrence Starkman knows the city extremely well, and is very knowledgeable about property values around the city. Chicago is a very large city of over 2.5 million people, and there are many wonderful neighborhoods throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs. Each area has its’ own distinct character and unique landmarks, which have developed over the city’s long and storied history.

The most iconic neighborhood in Chicago is “the Loop”, located between Roosevelt Road and the Chicago River. This neighborhood contains many of Chicago’s most recognizable skyscrapers, including the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). It also is known for its renowned shopping. The neighborhood’s name came from the loop of cable car tracks in the area, and the elevated trains now make a loop around the area.

On the north side, Lincoln Park is one of the city’s most beautiful residential areas. The area is very good for families with children who still want to live in an urban area, as there are many condos and townhouses for sale. There are also many things to do, including the Lincoln Park Zoo and the North Avenue Beach, as well as several music venues and restaurants. The area also has wonderful public schools and is accessible to public transportation.

Another great neighborhood located north of downtown is the Gold Coast. It is well known for its location right on Lake Michigan, as well as its beautiful old mansions and affluent population. The area features acclaimed restaurants and nightlife as well as luxury shopping. The area also contains Oak Street Beach, a popular tourist attraction during the summer. Many people enjoy living in the Gold Coast because of its close proximity to downtown and the Magnificent Mile, another renowned shopping district.

West of downtown, a great up-and-coming neighborhood is Ukrainian Village. As the name suggests, the area was populated by Ukrainian immigrants for much of the twentieth century, and continues to maintain a unique cultural identity. The area is home to many beautiful churches and cathedrals that were constructed during the early- to mid-1900’s. The area attracts many young single professionals and couples because of its’ relatively affordable housing prices. It is also known for being a very friendly and pleasant area to live in.

These are just a few of the many wonderful neighborhoods in the Chicago area that feature great commercial and residential real estate. Chicago is known for being a friendly and welcoming city with neighborhoods for just about anyone, from large and wealthy families to young twenty-somethings and students. Lawrence Starkman loves working in the beautiful city that he has called home for most of his life.

Lawrence Starkman - Technology and Apps for Real Estate

Lawrence Starkman has worked in the field of real estate for his entire career, and has served as both an appraiser and a broker. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Starkman has seen many changes in the way that real estate business is conducted, many of which are influenced by changes in technology during this time period. There are many products, services, and apps that make the process of buying, selling, and renting property much easier and faster for both real estate agents and customers.

  • One of the most influential real estate websites of the last decade has been Zillow. Zillow is a comprehensive website that allows anyone to access approximate property values, home and apartment listings, mortgage calculations, and more quickly and easily. Zillow has a very intuitive and well-designed website, and they also have several different apps for smartphones and tablets. These include the real estate app, the rental app, the mortgage app, and the home design app. Zillow has completely changed the way that consumers find information about properties they are interested in.
  • For realtors, the RPR Mobile app is a must-have. The app allows you to find all available information on any property, including property values, square footage, pictures, and more, instantaneously. Especially for realtors on the go with busy schedules, this app can be a huge time-saver. If a client needs information about a property fast, there’s no need to make a phone call or take to Google – you can just check RPR Mobile.
  • Another great app for real estate agents is Roomscan Pro. This app creates floor plans for you using your phone’s camera. You just hold the phone up to a wall to add it to the floor plan, and then the app takes the measurements for you. You can also manually add the measurements to make them more exact. Then, you can go back into the floor plan and add features such as doors and windows. This is invaluable for real estate professionals that need floor plans for their properties quickly.
  • Homesnap is an app for potential homeowners that allows them to take a picture of any home, anywhere, and find out the approximate value of the home, the square footage and number of rooms, and even information about what’s nearby. Homesnap can also identify homes that have potential as investments, and you can also connect your profile with friends that also use the app to see which homes they are looking at and share potential home profiles.

Lawrence Starkman has seen a huge change in technology for real estate agents throughout his career. Apps like these help make the process of buying and selling property more accessible and less intimidating for everyone.

Lawrence Starkman - Interesting History Books

Lawrence Starkman has many hobbies outside of his work as a real estate agent, but he particularly enjoys activities that challenge him to think in new ways and learn more about the world around him. Two of his most favorite hobbies include reading and learning about history, therefore, he often reads books related to historical events. There have been many great historical book releases in the past few years, covering many different periods of history.

  • A fascinating recent release for political junkies, Kate Anderson Brower’s The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House tells the stories of the service staff in America’s most recognizable home. Taking real anecdotes from many different presidencies from the last 100 years, Brower brings a new perspective to some of the most famous lives in American politics.
  • For something a little darker, readers might enjoy The Witches: Salem, 1692, by Stacy Schiff. This book tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials in Puritan Massachusetts. Schiff infuses the suspense of a thriller with the riveting and repulsive details of life in this time period. The book captures the feeling of panic and confusion as if it had just happened yesterday.
  • Those who enjoy a good spy movie are sure to get sucked into David E. Hoffman’s The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal. This book follows a CIA spy as he successfully infiltrated the Soviet government to gain access to information from a Soviet military engineer that would benefit the US for decades to come.

Lawrence Starkman - The Importance of Being Personable in Real Estate

Lawrence Starkman is one of the most successful real estate professionals in the Chicago area, with decades of experience unmatched by almost anyone in the city. To be successful in the field of real estate requires a certain type of personality. The ideal personality for a successful real estate agent is friendly and personable, but also very organized and professional. The difference between being friendly and being withdrawn can make or break success in the real estate profession.

Real estate agents meet with many different people on a daily basis, and must be able to handle the demands of interacting with clients and coworkers easily. They should be an extremely good salesperson – after all, they need to convince prospective buyers on why they should take the plunge and make a purchase – however, they still need to be polite and friendly, because people are more likely to make a purchase from people they feel comfortable with.

Real estate agents also need to be very comfortable with making connections with others in the industry, and they should not be afraid to reach out to those connections when necessary to further their career. Being in real estate requires a certain level of aggressiveness in order to succeed. They need to consistently follow up with people after meetings and showings, even when they feel discouraged or worn out. They also need to present themselves extremely well and make a good first impression, as this can make or break a sale.