Balkan! The Best Peninsula!

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What countries are in this region?

-Slovenia -Croatia -Bosnia

-Herzegovina -Serbia -Kosovo

-Montenegro -Macedonia -Moldova

-Romania -Bulgaria -Almania

-Greece - and the European part of Turkey

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The Dinaric Alps

It is an extension of the well known alps. It is densely forested in some areas and is highly recommended to tourists.
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The Morava River

This is the Moravian river, from which the country got the name from. Its length is approximately 220 miles long. Its origin is the Kralicky Sneznik mountain, this river is used for trade and is also a very nice place to go to.
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The non-working city

This city is no named non-working because you see a lot of people always wandering around parks or even around the streets. This place is full of benches where you can sit on and has places to visit like museums, Jarun lake, or oddly but nice the cement any mirogoj.
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The Reason Why Balkan Food Will Make Your Mouth Water

Since the balkan peninsula is a multicultural region its food is also very diverse. The most popular salad in here is Shopska salad it is a veey delicious salad followed by a cold soup called Tarator. The desert is also very recomended due to its deliciousnes, they are Uštipci whic are mainly doughnut like balls that are covered by sugar or honey.

Culture In Balkan

The culture in balkan is, as mentioned before, is diverse. Many different types of music is listened here, it's not accurate at what type of music everyone listens to. The pictures above also describe a few types of dances. This peninsula is full of agriculture and will probably never have a real accurate one so go to balkan and enjoy a great diversity of cultures, food and a lot of fun!