A Little You Might Want to Know About the Country Aurora.

About Our Government

Aurora is a Indirect Democracy. Aurora is a communist country. Aurora is ran by a president, who is elected by the people of Aurora. The People also get to elect the cabinet members. Aurora is a Federal Government, which is powers that are divided between a central government and several local governments, so the central government make some rules for each state but the states can make and enforce their own rules if it doesn't contradict the central governments rules. Although the people can not make up the rules they can give the central and local governments ideas for laws/rules and then those ideas will be looked over and talk about to see if they are of need or not of use to the country or state as a whole.

The President of Aurora

To vote for any election to have to be the age of 20 or older. Currently the country's president is Lillian Johnson, she is 46 and was the mayor of, one of major cities, Anderson for six years. The only conflict in a our country at the moment would be elections. We just finished with the voting of our new president, Lillian Johnson.

Interesting Facts about Aurora

  1. Population: 500,000 and counting.
  2. We are bordered by United States, and Canada.
  3. We are for the most part a peaceful country we don't really have any allies or enemies but we have truce agreement with several other countries do to trade.
  4. Aurora is located in Canada and near the U.S. we have energy, forests, mining, and water sources and more near by.
  5. English is the main language, but other languages are spoken in this country because of new people/cultures joining our country.
  6. We have many jobs in Aurora from lumber to office works.
  7. Aurora is named after the goddess of Dawn. Our founder name Aurora after the goddess to mean the sunrise, so the sunrises everyday to start a new day, a new mean to wake up.
Country by Carly Goranson.