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September 19, 2018

From the DigCit Corner

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South Western Indiana eLeaders - Digital Citizenship Think-In

The @SoWeLEAD (South Western Indiana eLeaders) team along with support from It's Learning, Indiana Connected Educators, Riverside Technologies Inc, Achieve 3000, and Live Binders, hosted our first Digital Citizenship Think-In at the Career and Technical Center in Evansville on Friday. Your school district sent teams of students, parents, administrators, and teachers for a day of student-lead activities and conversations about the state of digital citizenship awareness in their individual schools. The MSD was well represented by some very impressive teams. Initial first-steps of implementation were developed by students in collaboration with parents, administrators, and teachers. Thank you to all our impressive teams!

See more pictures and Flipgrid videos here.

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From Alice Keeler - EdTech Tip of the Week: Essay in Google Slides

EdTech Tip of the Week: Essay in Google Slides

Scrolling in Google Docs can be a drag. When you use Google Slides each slide has a unique URL. Have students do their rough draft of their paper in Google Slides. Each paragraph on a separate slide. Assign students to turn in the link to the slide that contains their conclusions, this allows you to jump straight to the conclusions to provide feedback. If a student is stuck on a particular spot, they can link you to the slide that they are seeking feedback on.

Here are a few more ways, she suggests, to use Google Slides for essays from my recent blog post.

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MakerLabs Opening Soon at Marrs and Farmersville!

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Our Administrators with Buddy Berry!

We are blessed with administrators who go the extra mile (155 to be exact) to learn and listen to innovators and shakers! We love that you have the desire and goal to make MSD of MV the BEST for students!

Buddy Berry in Eminence, KY with the Blue Ballon Dog! "Keep twistin' til the dog pops out!"

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From Vicki Davis - 13 ideas for a variety of subjects!

  1. All Teachers: Effective Student-Led Parent Conferences
  2. Geography: Best Sites for Teaching Latitude and Longitude
  3. Civics: Andrea Sarvady has an interesting non-partisan way of teaching about the midterm elections
  4. Writing: 5 Ideas for Improving Student Writing by Jennifer Serravallo
  5. Math: 5 C's of the Awesome Math Classroom
  6. Science: Learning Science Through Authentic Investigation
  7. Language: Powerful Language Learning in the 21st Century
  8. Kindergarten: Christine Pinto has her students building web pages
  9. Teacher Wellness: The Compassionate Achiever: Understanding Empathy and Compassion So We Don't Burn Out
  10. Counselors: Helping More Women Go Into Computer Science
  11. Special Needs: Social Emotional Learning for Special Needs with Puppets
  12. Assessment: Alan November Shares a Mind Blowing Idea in Assessment
  13. Talk about Believability and Credibility: This video of a weatherman barely able to stand up as 2 men walk casually by has people saying he is exaggerating. This is a perfect conversation opener for the veracity of what you see and the need for news to alarm us. Or you could even use this trick play from Saturday where North Texas' punt returner returned a punt for a touchdown because he tricked the other team. We can't always believe our eyes, can we?

DID YOU MISS the MyON Training?

No worries, you can watch it here!

First hour is for beginners, then more advanced.

WHAT did you say???

Yes, we have a Teacher Toolbox code for Writing and Reading!

The toolbox code for access to Reading and Writing (2-5) isSUMMERTRIAL2018 and it's good until the end of September.

Time to do what we do best...DIG and MINE those resources while they are available for FREE!!

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