No Way Out

"You're worth fighting for son, don't you ever forget that"

Will Harold follow listen to Londell or will he listen to his sick and aging Grandmother?

Harold is a 15 year old freshman at Bluford High School. He often gets teased and bullied for being overweight. Both of his parents are deceased, so he lives with his grandmother. When Harlods grandma fell down there apartment steps, the bills started stacking. While trying to snoop around Harold finds a envelope with his name on it stating that if his grandmother is unable to take care of him any longer then State Services will take him to a foster home. Trying to help his grandma out he picks up a job at the local grocer. When Harold receives his paycheck he discovers that he will be paid less than a third of what he is promised. When Londell (the neighborhood drug dealer) asks Harold if he needs a few extra dollars, Harold says yes hesitantly.When Harold tries to get out of this ordeal Harold, says he doesn't want the job anymore. Londell takes a knife to Harolds neck and says "No one can help you know, you're stuck". In the end Londell ends up arrested for drug trafficking and a shooting that occurred last year.