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Wegener's Theory confirmed?

Breaking News: New studies of the ocean's floor begin to confirm a theory fist put forward by Alfred Wegener in 1912

Alfred Wegener was a german geophycist . Wegener had a theory that the continents move (continental drift) and that the world was one large continent called Pangea. he also said that the reason we have mountains is because these plates that the continents move on crash into each other and have a collision forcing another upwards. His theory is most likely correct however he never explained how they moved.

The evidence to this theory is things like the fact that continents such as the way that Africa fits well into the east coast of South America. these would have been one and slowly drifted away. Another peice of evidence is the fossils found in places, animal bones have been found to certain animals that would have only been able to live in a certain continent.


A recent discovery is able to explain the drift of the continents. the movement of these plates is due to the convection current in the mantle. The mantle is the thickest part of the earth and is a fluid. the lower mantle is heatde up nearer the core and the rise, this then moves along untill it cools down and sinks back down to the heat. This constant movement slowly moves the plates over long periods of time.