No Teacher Left Behind

By: Farrah S. Cureton

The Requirements

In my opinion as a a nation, just as much time should be invested in the educator as in education. Although teachers are required to be certified before teaching in a school it seems like the bus stops after college in a matter of speaking. Then its their responsibility to be the best teacher possible. We are all human and can constantly learn new things. I feel that teachers should attend regular seminars on being an effective teacher and also have assessments given to them to ensure they are meeting the needs of the students.

Made For All or Some?

In my opinion, teachers across the country should be required to meet the same accountability standards so no matter where they go they will continue to be an effective educator. 21 century skills are exposing classrooms to a brand new more innovative world of learning . I feel like every teacher should understand the latest technology and know how to incorporate it in their classroom. The Smartboard and iPad are just two examples of positive effects in the classroom and every teacher should know how to include them along with any other technological tools to promote learning.


In my opinion, The capacity of how well teachers are being prepared on these standard would depend on the administration and whether its a top priority in that particular schoo.l