Electronic Medical Records

Should hospitals use electronic medical records?

I believe they should.

Hospital should use electronic medical records, or EMRs, because it keeps them modern and it could save lives.


In the twenty-first century, many things are changing. A hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago, this level of technology would have been considered amazing. The twenty-first century is characterized as the age of electronics. Computers, call phones, and tablets are everywhere. I believe it is necessary for hospitals to modernize to keep up with the rest of the world.

Also , this could save countless lives. Think about it this way. If someone were in a car accident all the way across the country, and needed immediate medical attention the doctor would have to make the choice to operate. Now the doctor needs to use anesthesia, but the patient happens to be allergic to this type of anesthesia, and he died because of this. If that patient had had electronic medical records, that doctor could have looked to see that they could have used a different type of anesthesia, and that patient could have lived. That death could have easily been prevented if only that doctor had known about the patient's allergy.