The AWOL Transformation Hangout

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When you show up to our live Google Hangout at 9pmET August 28th, you'll meet A Few really great People who use the Internet for total transformation Like :

:: Nick Logan's a helicopter pilot, and he's got the proverbial "30,000 foot view" that keeps you with a clear results-oriented business plan.

:: Adam Nackers admits he was wandering around online for awhile, and this ONE shift he made in May not only put him instantly in the leadership saddle, but also he's a kick-ass husband who is moving his wife to Costa Rica this season so she can use her nursing skills in new opportunities.

:: lastly, Homeschool dad Ashley Webb kicked up a single blog post to a 1,000 viral views persist last week. Come find out how he did it! And.. hes headed somewhere tropical too..

If you want to be part of the most energizing income-producing activity on today's Internet, come join us live at an intimate Hangout on Air with Project AWOL.

Simply click this link at 9pmET, Wednesday Aug 28th or Now For This Week's Replay:

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Naturally, we're gonna invite you to join the party, spread your message with our unique viral blogging system, and plug into some exciting resources.

The Hangout is the perfect 'discovery' event to see if AWOL's resources are right for you.

See you there,
Dustin Custer

PS if you cant make it, let me know and Ill get you More Info.

The AWOL Transformation Hangout

Wednesday, Aug. 28th 2013 at 9-11pm

For more information, visit the Event page on Facebook.