The Franks

By:Lauren,Brooke,and Felicity

Camp Ground

Join us as we go reenact the Journey of the historic Franks!
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Facts about The Franks

The Franks are one of the Western Germanic tribes.

They had their own language which was,Frankish.

They were the Largest and most successful Germanic Tribe.

In 355-358 the Franks had control over the shipping lanes.

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Charlemagne was the greatest ruler from 742-814 of both the Carolingian Empire and the Franks. He expanded the Frankish Empire to include a large portion of Europe.

King Clovis united The Franks in 509, and also Merovingian Dynasty, which will rule The Franks for 200 years.

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The Legacy of The Franks

The ultimate legacy of the Frankish Empire is the modern nation state of France and also the worldwide community of French speaking people around the globe.

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