by Ella Rasmussen. Salmonella could kill a fella

What it comes from.

Salmonella comes from many foods such as... raw and undercooked eggs, under cooked poultry and meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and unpasteurized dairy products.


Some of you may be asking how do you know if i have salmonella well these are some of the symptoms you may get if you get salmonella. First you will start getting diarrhea i know you think that is funny but it wont be when yo have it from salmonella. Another symptom you will get it a very high fever. And last you will get horrible abdominal cramps.

How to prevent it.

Here is a list f things you can and should do to prevent it.

  • Use a food thermomiter when cooking meats.
  • Be careful when eating raw foods like sushi.
  • Check your eggs before you eat them.
  • Wash fresh fruits very well before eating them.
  • Make sure poultry is well cooked before eating.