Miss Maudie Mighty Opinions

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Miss Maudie is very opinionated ,she has opinion for miss Stephanie Crawford and "Boo Radley."Miss Maudie believes that Miss Stephanie Crawford is untrustworthy, and less of a person.She (Miss Maudie) believes that even when she's telling about her experiences that she's lying this (Miss Stephanie) is the only lady on the buck that she cannot stand-tolerate?Miss Maudie's respects that "Boo"has his private life,and that he's no different from anyone else.Maudie tells Scout "One-Fourth stephanie Crawford" as if she's not even human.Miss Maudie defends Boo because he's just as normal as anyone can get,he may have flaws,and mistakes busy he's humans.She also says "his name is Authur",snowing that she believes he should be respected just as well as anyone else.some people,Miss Maudie belived,that every one is different but respect can be held to different standards also.

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Her Role in the story

Miss Maudie is included as a main character for more of an outside but she has an inside look on everyone. For the benefit of "Boo Radley" there would be no one in defense of him. As far as Miss Maudie belived, Authur was a "foot washing baptist" but also that privacy can be well needed for those who are so judged.

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