Weather to the Extreme

Kindergarten- Texas Performance Standards Project

Summary of Tasks

The students will explore weather throughout seasons, research natural disasters and extreme weather, record and observe weather patterns, compare weather, and make predictions in a weather report activity.

Guided Questions

1. How does weather change throughout the year?

2. How is weather different in other places in the world? Are some areas prone to severe weather or natural disasters?

3. What are natural disasters and extreme weather?

4. What causes each type of weather.

5. What should you do if you know severe weather is on the way?


The teacher will help facilitate KWL chart on weather.


Each group will present a weather report to their classmates using appropriate vocabulary. The students are responsible for turning in KWL chart, notes for weather report, video tape or audiotape of report including Q&A session. The Q&A session will be non-rehearsed and will show if the students have in depth knowledge of the topic.
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