Medical Doctor

Christian Aldaco

What is a Medical Doctor

A medical doctor is also known as the Doctor of Medicine. Medical Doctors (Physicians)

are authorized practitioner of medicine, as one graduated from a college of medicine. (

a person qualified to practice medicine.)

A Medical Doctor (Physician) salary

A Medical Doctor is a person qualified to practice medicine. They earn about 123,000 -187,000 per year or 59.14 - 89,90 an hour. When they have been there for a couple a years their salary is 187,200 per year or 90.00 per hour. Medical Doctors can also be known as allopathic physician or MDs.

A medical doctor skills

A medical doctors advice people to how take care of themselves, Medical doctors do that by teaching them to understand the result of diet, exercise, and aging. Medical Doctors assist them to drink plenty of water and eat lots of vitamins. Medical Doctors perform physical examinations, take medical histories, request lab studies, and order tests. Medical doctor may talk with patients and their families.

Academic Requirements

A bachelor's degree that includes a strong foundation in math and science is often require to attend/apply to a medical school. Medical doctors often graduate medical training after the completion of medical school.

job out look for Medical Doctor

Number of Jobs, 2012 - 691,400

Job Outlook,2012-2022 -18% (faster than average)

Employment Change, 2012-22 -123,300

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