Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

May 19th

What is going on?

Math: Math enrichment and review-

Reading: Students will perform their Pecos Bill play for classmates and begin a new reading challenge in the classroom to kick off their journey to becoming a 3rd grade reader.

Writing: Students will review revising and editing this week. Some of the skills we will review will be editing marks, revising sentences, hooks, focused title, “zoomed-in” topic, endings with energy, and adding details. We will publish a small moment with cover, title page, and illustrations.

Science: Students will reflect on the science experiments and activities we have done this year. They will also have the chance to practice what they learned on some fun science websites.

Sight Words: buy, fire, hat, high, more, right, same, thank

Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.

As you know, Friday, May 20th is our Field Day! This is a day where the kids participate in different events that are sports or fitness related. Here are a few things you might want to know...

Welcome to Patsy Sommer Field Day!

We would like to take this opportunity to give you all the information your child will need to make this Field Day as enjoyable as possible.

Our Field Day will be held on Friday May 20, 2016 from 8:30-11:00

*Lunch Time for Baker's Class is 11:55

We want the kids to be prepared for a long day in the sun! Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids safe and comfortable:

1. Wear sunscreen (apply at home)

2. You may wear a hat. You are in charge of keeping it safe.

3. Wear your athletic shorts.

4. Wear comfortable tennis shoes (the students will be running, no flip flops please!)

5. Wear your CLASS SHIRT!

6. Bring a set of dry clothes in a bag...we will get wet.

Thank you,

Dennis Burns

Amy Osteen

Kelly McBride

Also, please remember to check in at the office, all parents must have a visitor’s badge.

Summer Apps

Free Educational Apps

  • Monster Sushi (math)

  • BrainPop Featured Movie

  • Sight Words for Reading HD

  • Fill The Cup

  • iStoryBooks

  • Geometry Eye

  • Splash Math

  • Pizza Fractions

  • Animal Fun

  • Flow Free: Bridges

  • Zoombinis

Student Appreciation-

Dear Families,

I would like to have Student Appreciation Week the last 5 days of school (May 26 - June 2) to honor the wonderful students that fill our room.

I thought it would be exciting if we could do several activities that would make our last week together fun and memorable!

Here’s our schedule to put on the fridge:

Thursday, May 26: Hats off to a great year! Wear your favorite hat (or crazy hair) and bring a Board Game (non-electronic). *All games must have child’s name visible to ensure each game goes home with to person who brought it. (We will be going outside to watch 5th grade’s Flugtag so bring your towel.)

Friday, May 27: Escape to a world of reading!! Wear your pajamas! You can bring a blanket, a small pillow, and a stuffed animal to enjoy a day of reading in our room! Don’t forget tennis shoes for recess.


Tuesday, May 31: Award Assembly and Party Day and Bubbles, Oh MY! Awards assembly will be held in the morning with our Second Grade Celebration at 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Bubble day in the afternoon; it doesn’t get better than that. Bring your bubbles and bubble toys – I’ll bring the bubble gum!!

Wednesday, June 1: You’ve been amazing sports all year long!! Don’t forget to bring your outdoor toys today for your extra recess (Frisbees, footballs, etc.). Wear your favorite team jersey or class shirt! *Bring your yearbooks or memory books today to collect signatures from all your friends!* (Don’t have a yearbook or memory book? We’ll make one in class)

Thursday, June 2: Let’s pop into summer! Fun Friday all day long and a video in the afternoon based off of our favorite chapter book. I’ll provide the popcorn.

Thanks a bunch!

Have a good weekend!