a peaceful place in Pa


The Pennsylvania colony was a middle. Colony it was surrounded by New Jersey,Delaware,Maryland,and New York. The.The main rivers are the Allegheny,Delaware,Ohio,Susquehanna and Monongahela.The mountain ranges are the Allegheny and the Appalachian mountains.


The Pennsylvania colony was created by William Penn in 1682it was created for freedom of relligin


The Pennsylvanians grew corn,rye barley,peas,squash,turnups,potatoes,and wheat. there naturel resources are iron,trees,corn.Theindustries are farm, church,and craftman. Finally there daily routines are men worked in feilds or forests,and rasied live stock.Women toke care of family,coked food for the family and made clothes.

The conastoga wagon

The conestoga wagon had wide wheel rims for deep mud. It had a curved floor so cargo wont slide around.To move it it needed four to siw hoursese The max whight it could cary was 5.4 meteric tons. finally they coverd it with a wite tarp in bad weather
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