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I am Lauren and during my collage days I was addicted for smoking. I used to smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes per day but after completing my college and I got job, I my smoking craving was increased and reached to 2 to 2.5 packs per day. I started smoking due to peer group pressure but after few years I was getting highly addicted toward it. I did not cope up with y addiction even after many trials and a last I was fed up with my own smoking craving. I wanted to change my routine and for getting a routine and organized life style it was necessary for me to control my addiction. Therefore, I was searching for the available alternatives that effectively control my smoking habit. But even after doing many searches, I found nothing.

One day, my senior suggested me to try electronic cigarettes. I don’t know much more about this device and therefore, I was not sure about its effectiveness. After few days, when I read an article on e cigarettes, I was surprise to know the deep information about these devices. I found that E cigarettes are getting popular day by day and most of the smokers are converting into vapers. And finally, I was looking for the place from where I can buy my first e cigarettes. As a first time customer, It was not very easy for me to choose the best e cigarette brand and therefore, I took help of e cigarette reviews website. I found more realistic and trustworthy source of e cigarette reviews and therefore I followed that review website.

And before 1 year, I finally placed my first order of first e cigarette brand V2 cigs. I couldn't find anything more effective than this alternative. After trying V2 cigs, I have noticed that menthol flavor of this brand is really awesome. And now I’m totally off of the real cigs I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. I love all the flavors of this brand but I love menthol most. The most attractive feature of this brand is that it offers wide range of flavors that effectively suits with the taste of different mood and personality. I tried all the flavors but love menthol most. Apart from flavored cartridges, V2 cigs also offer attractive accessories that give convenient puffing to the smokers. I love the whole product line offered by this brand. I love V2 cigs very much.