Lung Cancer

By Jade Green

What is Lung Cancer ?

Lung Cancer is an uncontrollable growth in abnormal cells. The tumors start to form and swell up. This makes a human with Lung Cancer harder to breathe.

What causes Lung Cancer ?

Smoking is the leading cause of Lung Cancer. About 23,000 men die each year of Lung Cancer. 18,000 woman die each year from this cancer also.


Coughing ( getting worse)

Chest Pain

Deep Breathing

Scratchy Voice

Loss of Appetite, etc .

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This picture shows how many deaths from 1900 through 1920 and how much it has increased in 20 years.
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Diagnosis (how do you find out)

  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Weak Breathing
  • Rounding of the finger nails
  • Weird sounds in lungs
  • CAT Scans


The treatments for Lung Cancer are Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy, Surgery or a combination of all 3 of these treatments.

System Information

The body system Lung Cancer has impacted is the Respiratory System. Lung Cancer affects the system by:

  • Swelling of the Throat
  • Tumors start to form
  • Damage to your Lung tissue
  • Tumors block your air passages.
Cancer Facts : How Does Lung Cancer Develop?


I have a few family members who smoke and my grandmother is the worst one. She has a very bad cough and it seems like it is getting worse ,so I try to help her out by throwing out her cigarettes. :)


I think laws should change for smoking age because more teens around the world smoke, and they can get Lung Cancer at an early age.