Roberta Bondar


What is a leader?

A leader is someone who inspires others to pursue success, someone who changes the way we think, and creates history. The world has had many leaders and will have many more to come, and one of the leaders include Roberta Bondar. Born on December 4, 1945, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,she grew up to become an inspiration for many.

What was the person involved in that made them a leader?

In January, 1992 space shuttle Mission STS-42 began as it launched "Discovery", aboard Discovery was Roberta Bondar along with 5 other members, and so Roberta became the first Canadian women, and the first neurologist to go to space.

What action did the individual take to show leadership?

At a time were women were finally beginning to be seen as an equal to men, Roberta Bondar achieved something great, she became the first woman in Canada to go to space. This was a great achievement that inspired many people as she was among the 200 scientists from 14 different countries that would be researching anti-gravity and it's effects on the human body. she stayed in space for 8 days researching and conducting many experiments. After coming back from space she perused her dream of being a photographer and a researcher, she became a great role model to everyone teaching all Canadians to follow their dreams and achieve greatness no matter the circumstances.

Which 3 leadership traits did they apply?

Lead from the front- but don't leave your base behind.

Roberta Bondar's true passion was to become a photographer, but after getting the chance to go to space she went and became a person of great importance, yet she didn't forget her dreams, and even now continues to take photographs of landscapes all across the world.

Quitting is leading to.

Roberta after going to space once decided to go back to researching and photography. This act shows many people that even after doing something great in one area doesn't mean one can't aim to achieve greatness in other.

Appearance matter- and remember to smile.

Roberta Lynn Bondar is always smiling in almost every picture you see of her. she seems like a kind person from just looking at her, and her appearance shows her confidence in herself.


Roberta Lynn Bondar is a great leader, a leader that Canada is proud of. She is someone who lead Canadians to a better future, she is one of the reason why Canada is the way it is.


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