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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are here once again,watch your child's planner and mailbox papers for confirmation times. Please make this time a priority to come and chat about your child. We only get to meet two times a year and I would love to share all the progress with you. There are many new items in curriculum I would like to cover as well. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. Let me know if the scheduled time does not work.

Math News

As the quarter comes to the end, the math skills and difficulty is increasing. I am starting to see students struggle. You may notice their daily grades getting lower or your student having more redos. This is because we have reached the point that the review is over and new concepts are being introduced. Please encourage your child to do redos on all low work, as I give them full credit back. If they miss 8 and fix 8 correctly, they will receive 100% in grade book. There are ways to be ahead of the game for upcoming skills like, practicing mathematical facts with flashcards, especially multiplication facts. All facts are important for success. They need to make sure they are completing homework on time and if you have computer access, students can use IXL to practice state standard skills.

Wonders Reading

We are making head way in this new Wonders program. The kids seem to really enjoy the concepts and stories. The reading program is very rich in vocabulary and highly difficult language. I encourage you to talk to your student about new words and concepts learned. You will be highly impressed if you ask them about stories we are reading. We are continually doing better on the assessments. Please be patient with this process because we are confident the students will gain these highly difficult skills and concepts.


In our Reading Program, we had a story that introduced Friction, Motion, Inertia, and

Gravity. This week we are discovering these concepts and playing with Newton's Laws of Motion. The kids are very excited to play and learn by using matchbox cars, balloons, table clothes, quarters and cups. Ask your student to demonstrate these concepts. You will be amazed!!

We also learned about land changes and will be making earthquakes and volcanoes next week.

Important Events

Parent Teacher Conferences

October 21st at 4-7PM

October 22nd at 4-7PM

October 24th at 1PM to 4PM

No School October 25th

AR Reading

Please be sure your child is reading each night for at least 20 minutes. They all have goals that require this reading. They are also working towards a balloon with a reward in it and school rewards. They all have a book log for you to sign each night. This is for coins, pizza and Dairy Queen treats. So encourage the to READ, READ, READ!!!