High School English-Lit


For Students:

Homework Due Wednesday

Although we took a break from class last week you were to continue with your homework . When you come to class this Wednesday, you should have WW lesson 19 and 20 complete.
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Additional possible points

Parent Conferences

S0.... It has come to my attention that some students would still like to conference with their parents to earn points for their trios. Originally, the due date was last Wednesday; however, if you conference before Tuesday night at 10pm and send a picture of you and your parent, I will give you a point.

Because I opened this option back up, I have decided to award Hanna B, Sarah, and Robbie each an extra point for turning in their conferences on time.

******This Weeks Trio Group Bonus Points Offer*******

Trios may earn extra points this week by:

1. Having a Trio Member read, edit and give feedback on your essay that is due next week. This can be done digitally via pdf in an email, google docs, snapping pix to text, or any other way that you think of! To receive points, you must turn in the feedback supplied next week during class. (1 Point per each Peer Edit)

2. Completing Exercise 11 on pp 120-121 in the Windows book. (2 Points per completed exercise)

Standing Offers for Trio Team Points Include:

Wendy Blankinship

High School English-Lit Class

Wednesday 2015-2016

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