How to Harvest More Ducks and Geese

Some people are exceptionally good in waterfowl hunting. Although almost everyone can get some good number of hunts in the initial days of the migratory birds’ arrival, an unskilled hunter might end up empty headed just a few days after. The reason is the smartness of these birds. They are intelligent enough to examine the entire place and locate their possible hideout areas at a safe distance and also quick to inform their groups if they notice anything suspicious around. So, if you wish to hunt like a professional stalker, you should understand the right tricks and techniques involved. Chris Holste’s Performance Call provides training that can help you master the art of stalking so that you can also boast of your harvests in the public land ducks and waterfowl hunting. You must Visit Performance Calls once.These are the four basic rules good stalkers follow to conquer these intelligent birds:

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Find the location: After the initial few days of hunt and escape on public land, these birds search an appropriate place for their hide outs. These places may be some holes in the land or a distant place beyond the interest of hunters. They tend to make their refuge together to stay collected and safe. So, one need to search for such spots and a place to conceal before one sets up the trap to decoy the birds.

Decoy simulation: Once you know the place of their concentration, you now need to spread the decoy. This decoy simulation should be in a style that it looks like the birds are landing in the refuge. Performance call has several kinds of decoys like Feather Tek Windsock Decoys, Wing waver Goose Decoys, Windsock Decoy heads, Rotary Machine Decoy, Flapping goose decoys and many more that can help you spread the kind of decoys you feel the most appealing. This spread should be in accordance with the availability of geese and the ducks in that area and it should look like several birds are landing in a refuse so that the real birds may consider it a part of their refuge only.

Calling with right notes: Correct calling is very important to master the art of waterfowl hunting. The right volume, appropriate pitch and the correct notes can work magically to attract the ducks and the geese in the area. All the birds can become alert with a wrong call, so one must listen to the sounds one hear around and respond in accordance to that desired. You can become an expert caller with the step-by-step instructions provided by the Performance Call. They offer several instruments that help one emulate different kinds of duck and goose calls. You can also buy e-caller system, MP3, CD or tapes to practice and improve your calling style. A loud, aggressive and varied style of calling is very essential to trap the birds.

Hide properly: All your efforts can be futile if you do not hide properly. It is important to conceal yourself like a ninja so that no birds may notice you. Search for a place and appropriate material to cover you and make the appropriate move at the right time.


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