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How The Invention Works

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The first electric air conditioner was invented by William Carrier in 1902 in Buffalo New York

William carrier did not only invent the first air conditioner but also helped the mass production. After graduating from Cornell university he was hired at Buffalo Forge Company were he could experiment. The companies machines were having problems printing books because their machines produced so much steam that the ink was smeared across the books and the pages were sticking together. The machine had hot hot coils which produced the steam so he decided to put cold coils which made less steam and the books no longer stuck together.

Benefits Of The Air Condirioner Now And Then

Well the benefits of the air conditioner have not changed much over time but they still got one good thing. They cool you and everything around you down! You don't have to live in a oven the whole summer, you can live in a refrigerator metaphorically speaking. But it has evolved a little bit. Air conditioners are now electric and are much larger than they used to be.
Air Conditioner Operation