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Sunday, May 16


We are seeking volunteers to serve on the 2021-2022 PTSA Board. If you are interested, please contact President Pascale-Jason Pascale (PTA President) president@wilderptsa.org

Henrico Virtual Academy Information


Henrico Virtual Academy: While the majority of HCPS students will be back on school campuses in the fall, learning in person five days a week (see the HCPS plan for 2021-22 here), plans for the Henrico Virtual Academy, which is the only virtual option for grades K-12 next year, are moving forward.


la Academia Virtual de Henrico: Si bien la mayoría de los estudiantes de HCPS regresarán a los edificios en persona este otoño, aprendiendo en persona cinco días por semana (vea nuestro plan para el 2021-22 aquí), los planes para la Academia Virtual de Henrico, nuestra nueva opción completamente virtual para grados grades K-12, continúan en marcha. Las solicitudes para estudiantes que quieren asistir a la Academia Virtual de Henrico en el 2021-22 se están aceptando ahora hasta el 21 de mayo. Usted puede solicitar aquí haciendo clic en el botón de solicitud. Sin embargo, antes de llenar su solicitud, asegúrese de usar la Herramienta de Reflexión de Aprendizaje Virtual para determinar si el aprendizaje virtual es la mejor opción para su estudiante.

(Coming soon: Video translations in languages that include Arabic and Dari)


Good news! Students 12 and older can now receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Get the vaccine with no appointment necessary at Richmond Raceway May 19-20 and 26-27 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Students who get the vaccine won’t need to quarantine or miss attending school and activities in the future due to contact tracing. For full details, visit this page: https://henricoschools.us/2021/05/13/students-12-and-older-get-vaccinated-at-may-walk-up-events-at-richmond-raceway/

Estudiantes de 12 años o más pueden ahora recibir la vacuna Pfizer del COVID-19. Vacúnense sin necesidad de cita en el Richmond Raceway el 19-20 y el 26-27 de mayo (8 a.m. a 6 p.m.). Los estudiantes que se vacunan no tendrán que estar en cuarentena o faltar a la escuela debido a rastreo de contactos

Now with video translations in four languages:

(Listen to a Henrico Virtual Academy family information session in Spanish.)

Escuche una sesión informativa para la familia de la Academia Virtual de Henrico en español.

(Listen to a Henrico Virtual Academy family information session in Portuguese.)

Ouçam em Portugues a Sessão de Informações sobre a Academia Virtual do Henrico.

(Listen to a Henrico Virtual Academy family information session in Dari.)

به جلسه معلوماتی خانواده گی آکادمی مجازی هنرایکو به زبان دری گوش دهید.

(Listen to a Henrico Virtual Academy family information session in Arabic.)

استمع إلي محاضرة عن اكاديمية هنرايكو للتعلم عن بعد باللغة العربية.

Spring Sports Schedule

Wilder Baseball

May 17th- @ Fairfield 4:45p.m.

May 21st- @ Elko 4:45p.m.

May 24th- Make-up game versus Fairfield @ Wilder Middle School 4:45p.m.

May 28th- Make-up game versus Elko @ Wilder Middle School 4:45p.m.

All games will be played unless weather dictates otherwise.

Wilder Track

May 18th- @ Henrico High School- versus Fairfield and Elko 4:45p.m.

May 25th- @ Henrico High School- versus Fairfield and Elko 4:45p.m.

Meets will be played unless weather dictates otherwise

Wilder Tennis

May 21st- @Tuckahoe 4:15p.m.

May 25th- @Wilder versus Moody Middle School 4:30p.m.

Matches will be played unless weather dictates otherwise

May 18 and May 25-asynchronous work days

Due to in person SOL testing and the need for teachers and staff to administer these assessments, we will have mostly asynchronous work days on Tuesday, May 18th and Tuesday, May 25th, 2021. Students, both virtual and in person ARE STILL EXPECTED TO ATTEND ADVISORY at 8:30 on these days as usual. Much like Wellness Wednesdays, students who do not log on/attend advisory on these days will be marked absent unexcused unless our attendance office is otherwise notified.

Teachers will provide assignments and activities for students to complete and will be sure students are aware of their location in Schoology and their expectations.

Please contact Tommy Golden, Coordinator of Assessment, with any questions.

Wilder Week at a Glance Agendas

Please click here for week 34 plans!

One Team. One Vision. #WilderWay


Mission: Our team is committed to serving all scholars by providing them with a safe educational experience focused on deeper learning, celebrating diversity, and fostering leadership.

Vision: We will empower students to reach their full potential by promoting rigorous academic expectations, preparing students to be leaders in the community, nurturing positive relationships, and ensuring the learning and skill development necessary for high student achievement.