April 2016

Sharing for PARCC

A big thank you to all those teachers and students who are sharing devices with fourth and fifth graders as they begin to practice for the PARCC assessments. Everyone has been so gracious as we move devices from room to room. You are all AWESOME!!!

Below is the schedule of borrowing for April.

ODL Wiki Hidden Treasures

The ODL Wiki has a tab called "Instructional Activities" that includes many instructional activities and the technology tools that may be useful for each.

Developing Mathematical Discourse through Questioning

Here are some great questions to promote mathematical thinking. Just click the padlet link below to see a full size version of the resource.
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Meaningful Feedback at Riderwood ES

Our work as a faculty during this marking period has been focused on giving feedback to students - what it looks like, how to do it well, when to do it, and what to do next. The article below highlights Sean McComb as he works on improving feedback to students.

MindShift Article

The article below, from the site Mind/Shift, talks about making thinking visible to students by sharing metacognitive strategies.

BCPSOne Manual Tip:

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Site to Bookmark

Thinglink allows you to create a visual with many links embedded.