What's Happening

Grade 3 'Goings On"

Science Buddies

Grade 3 Students have launched their Science Unit, Structures of Life, they observe, compare, categorize, and care for a selection of organisms, and in so doing they learn to identify properties of plants and animals and to sort and group organisms on the basis of observable properties. Students investigate structures of the organisms and learn how some of the structures function in growth and survival.

Over the past 2 weeks we have been working with our PreK Science buddies to also teach them about our learning. We are helping them connect what we are working on to their own gardening unit, as well as the speaking and listening skills, asking questions and making observations.

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Students have been drafting and redrafting their Realistic Fiction stories. We are excited to share these with all of you! But, before we do there are revisions to be done. Writers have been spending many workshop hours pruning their stories, working on their punctuation choices and conventions, using spicy language, show not tell and dialogue. They have literally been cutting their work apart and putting it back together.
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