By: Karl, Joseph, Grant, Danton, Dagen

Effects on the Walls Family

Rex Walls has an extreme alcohol problem. He spends every cent he acquires on it which causing a vast multitude of problems for the Walls family. It affects one of the family very badly, and morphemes this person's opinion of Rex. This person being Brian but Brian can't fully stand up to his dad. He always proceeds to mumble under his breath every time he tries . When dad says " Have I ever let you down he asked Brian and me and turned and walked away. In a low voice that dad didn't hear him Brian said yes." (78) This time being every time Rex goes on a crazy rampage. Like the time Rex had one too many drinks and "Jammed down the acceleration and pop the clutch. We shot forward towards Mom, who screamed and jumped out of the way. Dad turned around and went for her again." (43) This happened multiple time threw the book. Maybe not this exact situation but acts very similar to those he just made. Whenever Rex has alcohol he becomes a whole new person. When he's not drinking alcohol he is a kind, smart and intelligent person who generally wants to do the right thing. When Rex's has a few drinks put into him he becomes a whole new person. He becomes a monster having anger issues and is known to sometimes hit people and get into fights which puts Brian in a difficult situation. For example when it is Brian's birthday Rex let's Brian pick out a comic book then go to dinner with ginger then go back to an apartment. Where "Dad and Ginger went into the bedroom while Brian stayed in the front room." (79) When Rex and Ginger come out, Ginger comes and sits by Brian and say's "She loves Sad Sack. So Dad made Brian give Ginger the comic book telling him it would be the gentlemen thing to do."(79) This cause Brain to have even more distrust towards his Father. The root cause of all these problems have to deal with Rex's alcoholism. This causes severe disruption in both their lives.

Changes in Jeannette

In America there are three million U.S Cases containing a family member addicted to alcohol. Alcoholism occurs when you drink so much over time that your body becomes dependent on or addicted to alcohol. When this happens alcohol becomes the most important thing in your life. When an alcoholic is faced with negative consequences, such as losing a job they will resort back to drinking. People who are alcoholics know they are harming not just them but they are also harming people close to them. Alcoholism affects Jeannette because Rex Walls, Jeannettes dad, was a severe alcoholic, Rose Mary, Jeannette mother, would say about her father, “He did have a little bit of a drinking situation.” When Rex drank “the hard stuff” he became “an angry-eyed stranger. He threw furniture around and threatened to beat up Mom or anyone else who got in his way”. He would became very aggressive and threaten to beat up Jeannette which is his favorite child. They never had a permanent home. Instead of paying for bills, the dad would drink up all the money. Jeannette would lose close friends because her father would put beer in front of his family. Her dad came home drunk one day and started cussing up a storm. The next day when Jeannette was playing with fire. She used the curse words that she learned from her father. She called the fire a Dumb-ass sonofabitch! and Cocksucker!. On christmas day the walls family bought a christmas tree. It was Jeannette's first time ever seeing one. Her dad got drunk and told the kids “let's really light up the christmas tree”. He picked up a lighter and lit the tree on fire. As the dad laid down on the couch the family put out the flames. No one was mad except for the fact that he ruined Jeannette's and her family christmas. She learns from her father cuse words that little girls should not know and it causes her to use them more during the times she needs to be a good child. She also is affected with the drinking problem with trust. She can not trust her father after a while because he would still their money to go drink and mess up their childhood even more.


There are always people to help you in dying needs of a drinking problem you just need to pick up the phone and call. The hotline is always available 24/7.
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Benefits of Alcoholism

Although it might sound crazy there are some benefits to alcoholism. Studies have shown that if you drink a moderate amount of alcohol heart function improves. Astoundingly there's another statistic showing that heavy drinkers live longer than moderate drinkers. a test conducted that 61 percent of heavy drinkers outlived moderate drinkers and the numbers are on the rise. In the book the glass castle jeanette benefits from alcohol by not relying on her father. she becomes more independent and mature. She learns how to budget and basically survive on her own. She was so desperate for money. She got a job at a jewelry store owned by Mr. Becker."i was afraid that Mr. Becker wouldn't give me the job if he knew i was only thirteen, so i told him i was seventeen". She was only thirteen at the time and knew that she had to grow up. Jeannette got a babysitting job and has been saving for almost nine months. She stored the money that she saved in a piggy bank. "One evening in may someone had slashed him apart with a knife and stolen all the money, I knew it was dad". Her father is a useless drunk who is lazy and has no morals to get a job. He steal from his own children. Rex abandoned his duty as a father and hit the bottle. When rosemary goes out of town to re-certify her teaching license Rex, instead of helping out with the budget he mooches on the children's money that rosemary gave them to buy alcohol and cigarettes. But even in those darkest moments there is always a lesson learned about something or somebody and that is what alcoholism taught Jeanette.

Effects of Alcoholism on Lori and Rose Marry

Jeanette's mother responds to Rex's alcoholism by venting her emotions through fighting with the family members. Rose Mary is often found fighting and arguing with the family such as when the kids "blamed" her for the lack of food. She argues with Rex, telling him "she is tired of getting all the blame"(69). This behavior is most likely Rose Mary's way of releasing stress and anger as she returns as if the fight has never happened. She has another fight with Rex when he is on a drunken rampage and pulls out a knife to defend herself. She yells at him and tells him that he is a "stinking rotten drunk", which then leads to her being tackled until she tells him she still loves him(122). Then everything returns to normal "as if they were so happy they hadn't killed each other that they had fallen in love all over again"(122). This shows that fighting is most likely one of her big ways to relieve stress and anger because she doesn't hold anything against Rex. Lori responds to Rex's alcoholism by living in silence. She's the oldest sibling in the family so she knows the most about the hardships that the family has been through. This gives her the ability to justify Rex's drinking but she looks at it in a negative way. Although she never really mentions her feelings on Rex's drinking habit she gives off the vibe that she passionately hates him heavily drinking.
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Effects of Alcoholism on the Whole Entire Family

In the glass castle, Alcoholism affects the family in many negative ways. This is seen when the family goes to live in Rosemary's moms and the termites begin to chew through the wood. Instead of going to the store to try and fix the problem or hiring someone to get rid of the bugs Rex goes out and buys himself a six pack of cold ones. Rex gets wasted every night, and does nothing to help provide for the family. Jeanette says "after he polished off each beer, he used a can to repari one of the holes. And when a new hole appeared, he'd get out his hammer, down a beer, and do another patch job"(walls 101). This affects the family in a negative way because their father is a drunken disaster. If Rex wasn't an alcoholic, I think that they places they stayed in would have been a lot nicer and cleaner. The living conditions that the walls family live in is very bad when compared to other families. Another example of alcoholism affecting the family is when Rex steals loris money from her the money she was going to use to go to New York. Jeanette says "I had come home with a couple of dollars I made babysitting... I finally found oz on the floor. Someone had slashed him apart with a knife and stolen all the money. I knew it was dad"(walls 228).this proves that alcohol can ruin someone's life if Rex is stealing from his family their is no wondering what he could do next.

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