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The Professional Nag

Take a look at the picture below of children climbing on the tree.
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Think about which child would have best described you at the beginning of the year.

Now, think about which child describes how you feel on your journey towards the end of the year.

Most of you probably picked two different children. Many people would find themselves identifying with all of the children at some point or another. I would like to suggest that we are all on a journey to be great at what we do. I would further suggest that the journey is not linear...it may not even be circular. I tend to find myself bouncing all over that tree. Somedays I am on top of the world and others I am dazed and confused. Just yesterday I was the little boy shaking the little girl (Betsy) off of the ladder :). You should take comfort in knowing that those around you find themselves at different places depending on the day you talk to them. In fact, it's a very good thing because at the moment you feel you can't reach the next branch, there is a good friend reaching down to lend a hand.

We, as professional educators and adults, are not the only ones who are on a journey. Our children too, find themselves to be successful at certain moments and in need of that helping hand in others. I bet you even have that boy who seems to be metaphorically asleep. He or she has learned all they want to, and have no desire to listen to you any more. It is as though their goal in life is to try your patience to the maximum extent possible. With 5 weeks of school left, I want to ask you to reach deep down inside and pullout that life principal of resilience. I give you permission to be a professional nag...and to not let up on that child...no matter how stubborn they are, show them that you have what it takes, you are a Wilson Ranger Educator!

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From Heather Cato

Good Afternoon,

As the state prepares to revise/rewrite the current language arts standards, Texas A&M University and the Texas Council of Teachers of Language Arts (TCTELA) are looking for educators and administrators willing to participate in a study about the current language arts standards. I encourage you to read the information below and consider participating in the survey. As the information below further explains, right now you are only signing up to participate in the survey. You are not actually having to take the time to complete the survey at this time. (please share with educators)

The Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts, supporting School Districts and organizations with the Education Research Center at Texas A&M University are conducting a research study on ELA/R and SLA/R TEKS and teacher training.

The study is designed to:

  • examine teacher perceptions regarding the current iteration of ELA/R (SLA/R) TEKS,
  • explore how teachers are currently using the ELA/R (SLA/R) TEKS in their classrooms,
  • investigate current teacher training,
  • clarify what training teachers need for successful implementation in the classroom.

The study is open to ELA/R and SLA/R teachers and curriculum administrators that request to be involved. Because of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process required by the University, participants’ contact information must be sent before the Education Research Center can begin the study. We want your voice heard, please submit your email address to http://www.tctela.org/elar-slar-study/.

For more information about the study or how you can get your school involved, contact Amy Blakely at amyblakely@ventureall.com or 512-617-3200.

Thank you,


919 Congress Avenue #1400

Austin, Texas 78701

Delightful Documentation – ELL & GTi

As we approach the end of the school year, please make sure you have documented all accommodations used with each of your ELLs and GTi learners in their red linguistic accommodations folders and/or their green GTi accommodation folders. Remember, one size does not fit all, so the accommodations listed should not be exactly the same for all learners.

Red Folders for ELLs:

1. Check accommodations used for each 9 weeks on 1st sheet

2. Briefly explain the accommodations needed for each learner, sign, and date for each 9 weeks on the second sheet

3. Include evidence/examples of accommodations used if you have it and think it would be helpful for next year’s educator

Green Folders for GTi Learners:

1. Note the specific date or date range accommodation was used

2. Give a 2-3 word description of the accommodation by date

3. Include three forms of evidence of accommodation used

4. Complete learner summary chart on right-hand side of folder

We (Jennifer & Carol) will be available next week after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday or the week of the 18th to help you complete the documentation in the red and green folders if you need assistance or have questions. You will turn your completed red accommodation folders to Jennifer and your completed green accommodation folders to Carol as part of the EOY check-out sheet during the last week of school. Thank you so much for everything you have done this year to accommodate, differentiate, and meet the needs of all of your learners!


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Big People Can Jump Too

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  • Please do not take single laptops from the carts. They are to be checked out together and there is a process by which to do so
  • Refer to the note in your box so you know what is happening each day for Teacher Appreciation...and don't forget to send big thank you's out to the parents :)
  • There may be storms on Field Day...we will make a decision on Wednesday determining whether or not to alter the date

A New Wilson Learner

Please join me and welcoming a new Wilson Ranger...

Angela Maden!!!