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The Mexican culture is rich and filled with heritage from the traditional holiday of Dia de los Muertos or the celebration of womanhood at the age of fifteen. The Mexican culture is very colorful and lively always finding the positive in any situation. Mexicans carry many traditions through out generations.

The arts are very prominent and important in Mexico.

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Mexico's geography varies drastically. Due to the fact that it is a peninsula, much of the life and large cities will be found on the shores and rural living and farming would be located more inland toward the mountain ranges. There's a place for any type of

getaway that you would want to travel on.


Mexican food has traveled all over the world but the absolute best place to get it is in Mexico of course! Much of the cuisine is richly flavored leaving nothing bland at all. Typical foods to find would be tacos or carne asada. With almost every meal in a traditional household, you will find rice, beans, and tortillas on the table. Contrary to popular belief not all Mexican food is spicy and burritos are actually American/Mexican modern fusion.

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