A Guide to Bunburying

a commoner's guide to leading a double life

What is bunburying?

Bunburying is the act of creating another person so that you can use them to remove yourself from certain situations. Whether you are creating a fake person as an excuse or assuming to role of your new identity, bunburying is a great way to deal with any number of things.

Escape daily life and priorities by creating another life with even more responsibility!

if you've decided to begin bunburying, first you're going to need another name. It can be anything really, so the word is yours. The goal is to create a completely different person though, and not just a replacement name. So be creative. A nice simple name is the best choice. Note: do not make your alter-ego your own identical twin, not only is it a highly transparent lie, it is also horribly cliche and you will soon find yourself the star of some terrible sitcom.

A good disguise is a must have for all aspiring bunburyists

Now what?

you can do whatever you choose with your creation but here are some things to watch out for.

  • Try and steer clear of places you normally go to, if this cannot be helped be watchful for people who know or might be able to reveal you.

  • Go on a trial run with a friend and take note of any suspicions they might have.

  • Most likely people will not be expecting you to not be who you say you are, but this doesn't make them stupid. A lot of times people may overlook things it is however possible that they could end up surprising you.

  • Have a back up plan and know what you will say to avoid getting caught or explain if you are. Nothing is worse than having a pile of lies fall back down on you.