Miss Ostwalt's Class Newsletter

January 2016

We are half-way through!

I can't believe it! I feel like this year is flying by. When I think back over the past 5 months, I realize how much our class has learned and grown together.

What have we been learning recently?

Science- We have been learning all about matter. Your student should now be an expert on solids, liquids, and gases! Next week, we will begin a new Social Studies unit on Geography.

Reading- We have been revisiting and reviewing all of the reading skills that we learned at the beginning of the year. We are becoming more fluent and expressive readers. Some reading classes are also learning the phonics dance so that we never forget the important phonics rules!

Math- We are currently learning about geometry. We have learned about many 2-D shapes and their attributes. For example, we know that a square has 4 sides, 4 right angles, 4 vertices, and 2 pairs of parallel lines. We also just started partitioning shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths.

Writing- We are finishing up our non-fiction writing unit! Every student has been working hard on a non-fiction book of their own.


*If you have not sent back your report card envelope, please do so ASAP.

This Tuesday (February 2nd): Bingo Night and Meet the Principal! 5:30-6:30 Stay for the PTCO meeting at 7:00!

February 10th: Papa John's Day

February 12th: Valentine's Dance

February 15th: Makeup Day for the Snow Day!

February 25th: Skate Night