By Britany Franco

Tyge Brahe

Tyge, later Tycho, was born December 14, 1546 in Denmark to Danish nobles. Tycho was the eldest son, but was taken to be raised by his uncle Joergen. Tycho began to learn latin at the age of 7 with the encouragement of his uncle, at the age of 13 Tycho was studying law and philosophy in the University of Copenhagen. It was at the age of 13 that Tycho witnessed a solar eclipse and was fascinated that astronomers were able to predict these kind of things. At the age of 16 when he was sent to Germany to continue his studies in law, Tyvho had lost all interest and was obsessed with astronomy. He bought books, studied the sky and made observations noticing that some predictions were off.

An obsession.

Tycho had become interested in science at the age of 13 after he realized that astronomers were able to make predictions on the positions of the stars. He had realized this when he witnessed a solar eclipse. Tycho Brahe had abandoned his plan of studying law for his obsession with astronomy.He studied math and science in Germany because he intended learning to predict eclipses. At the age of 16 realized that not all their predictions had were true and he believed that something could be done about the inaccurate predictions.


Tycho face problems that included heavy drinking and a fall out with the king of Denmark. After Tycho fell out with the kind he looked to someone else and was hired by the Holy Roman Emperor. Tycho hired Johannes as his assistant and they often fought because Tycho kept his studies pretty secretive. Other than the problems mentioned above, Tycho was intelligent and had nearly no hardships.
Tycho Brahe, the scandalous astronomer - Dan Wenkel

Contributions to Science

Brahe created instrument before the telescope that helped him record data very precisely. The data that Brahe collected over his lifetime led to developing the three laws of planetary motion because it was based on facts that had been observed. Brahe also was the first to make two observations, one of which was correct, but choose the wrong one. He concluded that the Earth was the center of the universe of that stars were too far away to measure. Though his conclusion was wrong, it was the accepted theory for a long time.

His theories and observations led to the development of modern science. He observed a supernova concluding that it was a new star, we know now that it is a star exploding. This observation led him to believe that the heavens are not unchanging like many believed during the time. Not only did he observe things not observed before, his observation had become very important factors in the works of other scientist such as Kepler. Brahe's studies of Mars were used by Kepler to make his model of the planets.

Tycho Brahe was a very important figure in the astronomy world, it was his observations that paved the way to modern astronomy and if his instruments had not been lost, they could have been reproduced today. From his first observations of and eclipse to his models of the universe, Tycho Brahe's observations are still used today to make new discoveries in astronomy and mentioned in science because of the impact they had on the rest of the astronomical world.