Eternal Rest Funeral Home

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We Grieve With You

Our funeral home has made a commitment to serve our community. All of the families that we serve are important to us. We understand that death is a complex situation. We constantly strive to offer a wide variety of options to each and every one of them. Integrity and quality service is our top priority. We take pride in our consideration of aspects that may come into play such as economic, cultural, religious etc., factors. We are here to assist you with the preplanning of a funeral or to assist families in planning a service to celebrate the life of a loved one.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our staff. For your convenience we have placed our contact information at the bottom of the page under the headline titled Contact Us.

Where to start

There are endless individual and family preferences to consider. We have listed a few questions that we would like you to consider when planning your own or a loved one's funeral.

What would you like to have done with the remains: organ donation, cremation, burial, etc.,?

If burial is the preferred option, are there specific burial wishes?

Is there already a specified burial plot, and if not, what cemetary would you/your loved one like to be buried in?

What outfit would you like or would your loved one like to be buried in?

Are there any specific rituals that you would like to be performed?

Are there any specific wishes concerning the funeral service?

Who would you like to lead the service? Is there anyone special that you would like to speak at the service?

Are there any specific verses, poems, sayings, etc., that you would like to be said during the service?

Are there any songs or musical instruments that you or a loved one would like played at the service?

Are there any other specific wishes that you or your loved one may have?

We realize that there are an extreme amount of aspects to consider when planning a funeral or end of life celebration. We are here to assist you in anything that you may need our help with. We have on site counselors that would be more than happy to be a source of support when planning and dealing with such a complex situation.

We have also included the following links that may be helpful.

Financial factors

Our funeral home understands that funeral services can be costly. We have competitive cost efficient rates. We also offer payment plans and financial counselors on site that can assist with any financial difficulties that you or your families might face. For any financial inquiries please contact our staff. For your convenience, our contact information is located at the bottom of the page under the headline Contact Us.