Sunset Valley Elementary 1/19/18

Jaguar Corner

Hello Jaguars!

  • Last day of school is now May 22. This will be an early release day.
  • The staff continues to participate in professional development outside of the school day to enhance their instruction. This staff is extremely dedicated and student focused. We are most fortunate to have them at SVE working with our kids!
  • Almost all the staff at SVE have a Master's Degree or above.
  • We are preparing our kids for jobs that don't yet exist! Amazing to think about!
  • The Time for Kids fundraiser starts today. This fundraiser ends next Friday. This is a great non-fiction resource for our kids. All we need you to do is fill out and return the booklet your child is bringing home today. We receive a discount for every booklet returned to use towards the building subscription. Thanks for your consideration and support!
  • The SVE Major Saver Fundraiser will begin on January 29.

Inclement Weather Notification!

Here is a link to the R7 website on inclement weather notification!

RY Character Trait Highlight: Courage

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Upcoming Dates

2/15/18 - PTA Valentine's Parties

2/15/18 - PTA Movie Night

The MAP window is April 3 through May 8.