Government in Ancient Egypt

By: Shayla Graham

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The "pharaoh" controlled and owned everything. When it comes to government he always was the one to appoint other officials. But the other officials were still under him.


The vizier was right under the king on the social pyramid. The vizier was sort of like a prime minister. All the other officials reported to the vizier. But just because he was in charge of most things doesn't mean he doesn't have to follow rules. He had to act by the law, judge fairly, and not act willfully or headstrong.


Nomarks were right under Viziers. Nomarks were sort of local governors, that ruled a certain part of the land like a state. Occasionally the pharaoh appointed the nomark or the position would be passed down from father to son.

Other Officials

All the other officials reported to the pharaoh. Those were mainly priest and scribes. Scribes were important because they took care of all the fiances and stuff like that. The priest were important because they carried out the pharaohs religious duties, and they were the only ones allowed in the temples.