Reality Check

by: Peter Aberhams

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The main conflict in the book "Reality Check" is Cody's Girlfriend, Clea disappears after she gets forced to go to a boarding school in Dover. Cody had just Recently torn his ACL in a football game and is trying to heal when he reads this information in a local newspaper. Then he goes out to find her.


This Story takes place in Little Bend, Colorado and Dover, Delaware. Little Bend is a smaller suburban town in colorado where there is not a lot of people and open land. Dover is a city in Delawere in which there is a lot more people but also a little more open land so Clea can ride her horse, Bud.


Our greatness is found not by chasing our dreams of a perfect life nor from running away from what scares us the most, but by anchoring ourselves deeply in this moment and every moment as it unfolds.

You can't walk alone. Many have given the illusion, but none have given the illusion, but none have really walked alone. Man is not made that way. Each man is bedded in his people, their history, their culture, and their values.

Questions for the Author

  1. How did you come up wih the Characters?
  2. Why in Colorado and Dover?
  3. How did you come up with the Conflict/Plot
  4. Why did you add the part of Cody getting hurt?
  5. Did anything you wrote in this book happen to you or anyone you know in real life?


Yes i would reccomend this book because it involves sports, mystery, and a little bit of romance. It also has a good storyline and not just a normal mystery that has someone missing, there is more to be learned by both towns.