Facebook and Your Business

The priceless marketing

Useful marketing features

Facebook is a worldwide, every day and any reason used site. It is very rare to find business now a days that does not have a Facebook page. Some of the features that are most used for businesses are: Calls-to-Action, Schedule Posts, Pages Manager App, Promoted Posts and Graph Search. A Facebook page is a great free marketing tool for all business owners, the pages let businesses introduce and identify themselves by sharing links, images and posts with the main purpose of giving a better sense of the business`s personality.

How to Make Your Business Popular

The feature that is very useful to me for business would be the Follow button, it allows anyone to follow your public updates. If friends and fans want to follow you they just have to visit your page and click the Follow button on the bottom right corner on your cover photo. If someone sends you a friend request, they will automatically follow your updates even if you haven’t accepted their request. Enabling your Follow button allows more people to connect and follow you, since Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends, enabling the button will help you have way more people seeing all of your updates and posts


Facebook has an overall positive impact on marketing small and big businesses. Some of the advantages that the site offers are; having a free marketing advertisement on your business is probably the biggest advantage that an owner can have being able to share everything that your business offers and more is priceless. Owners are capable of sharing basic information about their business, share photos and videos related to their work, being able to describe your products and advertise them in many different and creative ways is an advantage that every owner should take. Customers can ask questions and receive an direct and fast answer about a product or a service that are interested in, also by having a Facebook page you can attract more attention to your website by having your webpage listen on your Facebook account.


There are definitely a lot more advantages than disadvantages in having a Facebook page for your business. Some of might be having a negative comments from followers or just people that do not support or like your business, another disadvantage might be that Facebook page for business needs a lot of maintenance and unless you have someone who is assigned to keep track and maintain your page, doing it on your own as a busy business owner might not be the best idea.