Genghis Khan

Jacob Mathew


His real name isn't "Genghis" it is Temujin, but the name Genghis which means Universal ruler was given to him by other tribe leaders because he was not a person to be messed with. His Father died when he was nine, so his mother had to raise seven children by herself. He murdered hi half-brother. Despite the fact that he killed more than 40 million people, he stood for religious freedom.

Why is he well known

1. He created one of the largest Mongolian empires.

2. He conquered more than 12 million square miles of land.

3. Also he killed millions of people.

How did he impact the world

He had the largest amount of land conquered and he killed many many people. He was a very fierce and powerful ruler. Due to the fact that he was a great leader he had very many wives and that means he had a lot of children so there are more than 16 million direct descendants that are male.