Future Missions to Mars

Elizabeth Fullwood


Nasa is creating a long-term mission to mars to find out more about the 4th planet. The U.S. is the only country so far to send rovers to mars. Nasa is hoping to send more rovers to gather more research and they may even send humans.


The total cost for the mission is about $820 million. So missions take years to prepare for.

Missions to Mars succesful Vs. Failed

Rover Landing Video

7 minutes of terror

This is when the signal is gone since it takes longer to reach us. This will happen when the little ship carrying the rover breaks through the atmosphere.

Mars mission of 2018

Manned Mars Mission Planned For 2018 HQ

Future missions to Mars

Nasa is hoping to somday send humans to Mars. So far they have only gotten rovers up there. One of the most famouse rovers is curiosity.

2023: Mars One