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Staff Mini Pack Update 4/8/2016

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Welcoming Our New Staff...

Please reach out to the following new staff members for 2016-2017.

Let them know who we are...

*MariClaire Cranston-Kindergarten @

*Ashlee Elswick-4th grade @

*Nicole Moreno-1st grade @ or

Principal's Pen

Scott Staff,

I know stress levels are high right now--we can feel it. Know that we notice and care how you are feeling.

We had a guest diagnostician this week that helped out with testing some of our friends. The first thing she commented on was the amazing culture and vibe on our campus. Isn't it amazing that even in the most stressed out times--our culture prevails!

We appreciate all the hard work and attitudes that continue to go above and beyond!

The shout outs are listed below:

  • 4th Grade-way to go for juggling extra kids for the last few weeks getting your kids ready for STAAR, you never complained just did what was asked of you.
  • 1st Grade-way to step up by helping with Ms. Moore’s early baby arrival
  • Kathy Stroud-helping with the Kinder Round up video
  • 2nd, 3rd, 1st–so impressed that you are helping out with a special friend, this is amazing to watch everyone offer to help with him.
  • Kim and Bisby-thanks you for always organizing the real ice cream socials
  • 5th Grade-you are handling a very crazy, stressful friend with class and calmness
  • Hanvey-so impressed with the video idea
  • Whitney-Arts in the Square was so good.
  • Janette–thank you for working so hard on the Art Show, which is next week
  • Teachers-for always playing our silly games in Celebrate Scott
  • Kinder-for helping out with Kinder Round up
  • To everyone who helped administer the STAAR
  • Jennifer Burns-thank you for being you, it is a blessing to work with your daily, so grateful we are a TEAM
  • Cindy-you finished the yearbook on time and it looks so cute and you have done a wonderful job with Healthy and Wellness this year.
  • Sara Anderson for organizing Heritage Mentors
  • To all the teachers for embracing the new duty schedule
  • Jena Williams-thank you for helping in the gym with our friends and 4th and 5th carpool
  • Nurse L-you have such a good attitude about throw up and blood
  • Jamie Smith-way to always tackle our runners!! :)
  • Kristi-we have the best librarian ever. Thank you for always making the students smile
  • Barnes, Brown, Stafford, Moore-thank you for loving on my boys and teaching them daily.
  • Suzanne-way to ROCK Kinder Round Up. Kinder Round Up is all over FACEBOOK, the neighborhood is so impressed.

  • Julie Coalson is amazing with all our students who need extra attention and support
  • Nadia-thank you for helping with our runner! We appreciate you so much!
  • Nurse L-what can we say?
  • Pompey-Thank you for always going above and beyond!
  • JFO-You are the best!
  • Julie, Stephanie, Karlyn-all the front office peeps always show us the love!
  • Suzanne-You have certainly gone above and beyond for KN round-up!!
  • Celeste-You are the BOMB!! The video--viral!
  • Sherri-Wow!! NO words! You are the queen of technology!
  • Kailey Lamar-Woo! Hoo! She passed her Principal's exam!
  • Michelle Jaynes-We read with Keonte this week! AMAZING!!
  • Mariela-the Cafe baseball menu and drawing was above and beyond!
  • I love my team! So thankful for you ladies.
  • Love my team lead! Lindsey you go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Laura T & Lindsey-Thank you helping cover my carpool last week so choir kiddos could get extra practice.
  • Jamie & Emily-Love my R&G fam! Love that we have come to encourage each other outside of Tue/Thurs.
  • McCracken-Thank you for being you and always editing every paper I send your way.
  • Karlynn & Suzanne-Thank you for doing all that you do!! Y’all work so hard!
  • I am thankful for all of you! Wish I could be there after school but I will be at my music PLC meeting.
  • A special shout out from Sara Anderson to all the TELPAS raters this week! Including: Laura Titsworth, Melissa Matthews, Kacey Pennington, Kristin Buholtz, and Emily Barnes!

We appreciate each of you and the spirit you bring to Scott and the students we serve!

Paige and Leanne

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