By: Macie Glassett

What is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a very rare disease, only 1 person will get it out of 10,000. It is where your blood doesn't clot like normal. This doesn't mean that you bleed easier or quicker but just for a longer period of time. Most of the bleeding happens by a slight bump or twist. The bleeding will normally start in the joints, soft tissue, or mussels.

How is this disorder inherited Signs and symptoms

This disorder in inherited by your mother, you can only get it from your mother. It is a sex-linked disorder and is a recessive trait. You can tell if you have this disease by age one you will usually have sharp teeth and bite your gums making them bleed. Also you will see a lot of bruising in the child.

Hemophilia Pictures

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How does it affect the child? Treatment options

This disease doesn't really affect a child's life. It does however change their life style they don't need to be as active as other kids because the bleeding starts by slight bumps or twists. this disease mostly affects your circulatory system. Your treatment options are Hormone therapy, Demopression, Antifibrnolytic agents and, Fibrin glue.

Erick's story

Until Erick was 15 months old they didn't suspect anything wrong, then he was diagnosed with severe hemophilia. Since they didn't have a very good public hospital they had to turn to a private hospital. When this still wasn't enough they went to where his cousin was treated for hemophilia in Canada. Finally they could do treatment on Erick. He now no longer has Hemophilia.